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American Gut and British Gut are two parallel ongoing research projects being conducted to study the diversity of human intestinal bacteria (microbiome) in the whole world and Europe respectively. Participation is open to the public at minimal cost compared with existing microscopic and DNA stool tests from major US labs and a non-intepretive report is provided to all participants.

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2022 - Relaunch of Medical Insider web site coming. Edited and reformatted content.

Overview of Liposomal EDTA and how to make it at home. Also how it compares with EDTA Suppositories and IV EDTA. Some of the Lipo-EDTA products on the market are examined, including BioPure's Lipo-Health.

Chelating Agent Summary Chart
Comparison of different, most commonly used natural and synthetic chelating agents and mobilisation agents and their properties, in PDF format.

Silica-based Intestinal Absorbants
A brief overview of some of the available Silica-based products on the market for binding with heavy metals in the GI tract, including Diatomaceous Earth, Enterosgel and IMD.

Tips for those wanting to create their own Health Blog or Web Site
Are you interested in starting your own CFS or other multi-system illness blog site or web site? Do you want to share your knowledge or experiences with others? There are many pitfalls and easily made errors to make. This article examines what is involved and some of the issues to consider.


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