Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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What is 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'? What is it like?

Below we shall list the symptoms commonly associated with this condition and other related conditions.

Severity of the above symptoms can vary considerable from person to person, and also which stage the person is at in the course of the illness. A person may feel relatively 'normal' for much of the time, and only 'crashing' or experiencing flu-like headaches if they have overdone things over a period of days. Depending on the exact cause, such a person may never 100% recuperate if the root cause is not addressed, and symptoms usually become worse over a period of time.

Whilst some people are able to lead relatively normal lives, others may have to cut back their activities, their social lives or working hours in order to reach a manageable equilibrium. Some people may as a result feel isolated and misunderstood, especially as they may not outwardly look ill. The condition going on for years and gradually becoming worse may leave patients feeling depressed and with low self-esteem, life seemingly passing them by as they become older. Little practical help or guidance is given by the health service. Work colleagues and unsympathetic friends and associates may think you are just imagining it and can never really fully understand what you are going through.

Severe patients may not be able to work at all. Or socialise at all. Or in extreme cases, may not be able to walk or hold things properly and even get out of bed for weeks on end. In such cases, muscle wasting makes matters worse. The inability to work drains one's savings and finances, so there is less and less money to actually spend on proper identification and treatment. The worse one gets, the more complex the biochemical problems that were originally causing the fatigue become, and the harder they are to subsequently treat.

This is why it is critical to try to treat the person early on, as it is much easier, less complicated, quicker and cheaper!

There is indeed a cure!

Please read the Causes and Effects page next.

Tips for managing stress and depression can be found on the Stress Management page.

To put it rather crudely and bluntly, the purpose of this page is relay some common symptoms and experiences of CFS sufferers for illustrative purposes and also give those afflicted a sense of certainty, a sense of being listened to and understood, and that they are not alone. This page is not intended to tell you how bad you should be feeling! It is not intended to provide you with a list of bad symptoms and experiences that you can learn or dwell on to feel worse than you already do! Clearly symptoms and experiences vary from individual to individual and there is not necessary a 'fixed and defined set' of symptoms. Identification of some of the core problems that tend to cause 'CFS' are discussed on this web site, including corrective actions to result in a complete cure and optimal health and energy.

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