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Nutritional Products and Drugs
General Treatment Protocols and Methods
Oxygenating/Oxidant Supplements
Chiropractic Offshoots


This section is for illustrative purposes. The web sites below are NOT being promoted or recommended, but are included to compare what you have learnt on this web site with some other approaches available. This will hopefully help to increase your understanding of the core principles of cause and treatment, so you can build a picture of what types of treatment are out there, and thus help you determine what type of consultant you want to use and what type you want to avoid, and to ultimately make up your own mind. Some of these methods I personally like very much and use many of the ideas promoted on this site, but believe focus on perhaps too narrow a subset of possible areas. Some of these are methods that I have no personal experience of and has no opinion on presently, using similar (but not identical) principles to treat specific disorders discussed on this site. Other methods use an entirely different approach to tackling some of the bio-chemical or skeletal disorders described on this web site and are not something that I personally recommend. However, each person must choose their own path and make up their own mind. This is why they are included. I do not however recommend reading these links until you have a reasonable working knowledge of all the concepts on this web site or you may have your head filled with left-field ideas about CFS treatment with no real understanding of what the more 'sensible' or first 'port of call' approaches.

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Nutritional/Health Products and Drugs:

Detoxamin is the leading EDTA detoxification product in the marketplace at the moment.

Mangosteen is a very expensive fruit juice or an excellent antioxidant depending on how you view it. Below is a web resource for documents about mangosteen and xanthones.

Ariona (ariona melanocarpa) is a small, bitter, violet-blackberry native to North America. It is very high in phytonutrients and antioxidants, in particular anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. Oki is a juice blend containing Aronia but also organic aloe vera, black currant, aa’, pomegranate, goji, noni, mangosteen, guava, apple, blueberry, pear, mango, and concord grape. One associate of mine has reported considerable benefit in reducing lactic acid build up in the muscles and joints (aches and pains) associated with its use.

Juice Plus is a product that is supposed to 'replace' a lack of fruit and vegetables in one's diet. It contains dried vegetable juice powder and other ingredients (a full list can be found at Wikipedia).

Duloxetine hydrochloride is an anti-depressant (SNRI) that is used to 'treat' (alleviate symptoms rather than actually cure) a variety of conditions such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder, diabetic nerve pain and fibromyalgia. Brand names include Cymbalta and Yentreve. It is FDA approved for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. However, there may be a number of adverse side effects.

General Methods, Techniques and Treatments:

The Gabriel Method is a dieting and health restoration method devised by Jon Gabriel. It does not use dieting but utilising the body's own internal logic about whether it 'wants' to gain weight or lose weight. His approach to losing weight is said to be backed by solid, cutting edge obesity research from over four years of full- time investigation of the roles of biochemistry, neurobiology, quantum physics and human consciousness in weight-loss.

RPAH Elimination Diet is used to determine which particular foods are causing allergies or problems in the body. It is a more direct method than underdoing tests at a food allergy laboratory.

Dr Thomas Cowen's web site Four Fold Path to Healing focuses on nutrition, therapeutics, movement and meditation as the four cornerstones of recovery and health. This includes some alternative treatments.

Dr Sandra Cabot specialises in liver health and runs a web site She recommends nutrition (esp. soy) and herbs to assist in liver health.

FibroFix is Anne Hillebrand's personal Fibromyalgia web site. This contains plenty of useful information and shares much in common with this web site in terms of pH and dietary management, and has an intereting classification system for 'types' or paths to FMS. She does however also recommend certain anti-depressants for day to day pain management.

Field Control Therpay (FCT) is an integrative system of medicine created by New York physician, Savely Yurkovsky, M.D. It is a type of therapy using Bio-Resonance Testing to identify sources of toxins and harmful micro-organisms in the body and special Homeopathic remedies to encourage the body's natural detoxification pathways and to support the organs and restore cellular energy fields (providing a coherent energy pattern to the body in the homeopathics which is said to help restore the body's natural coherent energy pattern by communicating with the body in energetic terms), rather than rely on chemical means to remove toxins, which is believed to ineffective or to drive the 'cause' of the disease deeper.
'The homeopathic remedies used in F.C.T. are unlike that of classical homeopathy. F.C.T. uses causative homeopathy (isopathy) involving nosodes which are made from the bioenergetic signatures of actual toxins such as mercury and candida and sarcodes which are made from the bioenergetic signatures organs.'
FCT seems to use principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and toxicology and mainstream medicine, and also 'Quantum Physics.' The methods of identification and the understanding of the mechanics of the illnesses seem to be shared with those described on, but with a different route ore more speicalised route in terms of actual treatment.

Nutri-Energetics System (NES) seems to be break-away discipline or development from Field Control Therapy (FCT).

Dr David Mickel's web site, about Mickel Therapy, is listed below. This takes the approach of treating hypothalamic dysfunction, a frequent contributor to CFS in many patients, by viewing the body-mind as one and looking at the symptoms as a message, and to work with the body intelligence to stop the body sending the messages or symptoms. Many elements of this approach are explored on, in addition to many other factors.

Reverse Therapy is a therapy geared towards resolving hypothalamic dysfunction, a frequent contributor to CFS in many patients, by listening to the body and symptoms, and taking corrective action to restore emotional harmony. In many respects it sounds similar to Mickel Therapy.
Tania Abdulezer is a London-based practitioner of Reverse Therapy and NLP. Her web site is listed below.

Morter Health System have created the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) which is a non-intrusive physical treatment. A list of practitioners in your country/area can be found at the web site below. This is not to be confused with Bio-Energetic Stress Testing (B.E.S.T.), a form of bio-feedback testing using an electronic device with two cylinders that are held in each hand, which is descibed further below and which has nothing to do with the Morter Health System.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of visualisation/belief brainstorming combined with tapping acupressure points. At the Gary Craig's World Center for EFT web site, you can download the EFT manual in pdf format for free. You can also locate an EFT practitioner in your country and area from this web site.

Thought Field Therpay (TFT) is a form of stress relief treatment/self-treatment that appears to use the same acupressure points as EFT (above). TFT was developed by Dr Roger Callahan. It is practised by many leading hypnotherapy practitioners including Paul McKenna. The TFT web site has a list of practitioners.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process is a therapy incorporating NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Osteopathy. These are therapies that medicalinsider site actively promotes, although it does promote a variety of other approaches also."

The Yasko Protocol, devised by Dr Amy Yasko PhD of Holistic Health International. This protocol involves avoiding glutamine containing foods, taking 'whole organ' supplements, chelation using DSMA and EDTA. There has been some controversy over her incorrect use of an assumed title of 'Naturopathic Physician'.

Cellular Memory Release (CMR) is a system devised by Luis Diaz, who comes from a background in Specialised Kinesiology & Touch for Health, Oriental Medicine, Shaitsu, Reiki, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbology. CMR is reputed to be an 'effective, practical synthesis of tools for accessing and freeing the trapped, stagnant life force held inside the cells of your body. The crystallization of this life force within the cellular memory of your being is the root cause of most manifested life imbalances, be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. There is a vast intelligence in you just waiting to set you free. It has the wisdom to heal, the knowledge to share, and the information to help show you how to live life at your maximum potential.' It works on the basis of redressing the balance between 'Positive Emotional Charge' and 'Negative Emotional Charge' of individual cells, working with emotional issues to release negative cellular memory.

The Homeostatis Protocol by Blake Sawyer (Triad) is a method recommended for general health. The general philosophy is similar to that on this web site, e.g. detoxification, water ionisers, immune system support etc. However it differs in that it does not recommend mineral and vitamin supplements as they are claimed to 'rob' the body of nutrition and have the opposite effect intended. The protocol also recommends fixed supplements rather than an adaptive approach. There are a number of big claims too in the protocol, in that it is claimed to be able to cure any number of complex 'untreatable' illnesses (an FDA warning letter to Triad is shown in a link below). The Homeostasis Protocol is not described on the web site, but is broadly similar in certain respects to the 'Athlete's Protocol, which is'. A booklet on the Homeostasis Protocol is available when LifeWave products or other supplements are ordered from Triad. Energizing Athletes web site is also listed in the Health Supplements sectiona above - customer service is excellent and prices are very competitive.

Prolotherapy is a type of therapy whereby injections of anaesthetic and dextrose are administered into the joints to improve tendonitis and joint weakness.
A list of prolotherapy practitioners in the UK can be found at the link below.

K1 Whole Body Vibration Machine uses vibrational technology originally developed for use by Russian cosmonauts to counteract the effects of space and the lack of gravity on the skeleton and body. It is reputed to increase muscle and bone density and have a variety of other health benefits.

Inversion Therapy is a type of exercise using an Inversion Table commonly found in some gyms, except that instead of using them for extreme abdominal exercises such as sit ups or crunches at an extreme gradient, one simply hangs upside down. This is said to increase circulation to the head, which is often impaired in those with CFS and/or low blood pressure. Being inverted is also said to relax the muscles and tendons. I have not personally tried it in this context, but have friends whose CFS conditions have benefitted from this practice.

ME FM Action's Web Site is listed below, in addition to a pdf file summarising their recommended treatment protocol to doctors. This is rather vague in places and recommends the use of anti-biotics.

ThyroidUK is a campaign organisation for thyroid-related diseases. There is plenty of useful information on this web site with regards to conditions, but with regards to treatment, takes the approach of alleviating symptoms with hormone replacement rather than actually curing the problem by stimulating and nourishing the thyroid or adrenal glands etc. as promoted on medicalinsider.

Stuart WG Derbyshire believes that hypnosis, and specifically hypnotic suggestion (suggestion through hypnotic induction), is more effective in relieving symptoms in FMS sufferers than simply non-hypnotic suggestion.

ThetaHealing is a cross between kinesiology, NLP and some kind of spiritual connectivity.

The Journey is a self-development workshop/seminar that is supposed to work on healing physically and emotionally.

Living and Raw Foods is a web site dedicated to a the living and raw vegan diet. Plenty of generalisation and somewhat lacking somewhat in scientific facts, even though much of it may well be true for some people.

Paul Nison's web site contains a variety of information about the raw food diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered, unpasturised) is reputed to have various health benefits as it includes many enzymes and electrolytes. Vinegar in general has been reported to inhibit digestion of carbohydrates to some extent.

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) was devised by Devi S. Nambudripad M.D, drawing on acupuncture, applied kinesiology and allergy medicine. She has written a number of books on the subject. There are also NAET practitioners that can practice the therapy on patients.

HPI (Human Probiotic Infusion) Therapy, a.k.a. Fecal Transplant, Fecal Transfusion or Fecal Bacteriotherapy, is a type of probiotic therapy for IBS where a course of (oral) antibiotics is first employed to kill off all bacteria in the colon (and small intestine), followed by an intensive high strength probiotic infusion 'up the bottom' (i.e. to the colon only and not the small intestine, which has the potential to cause bad bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine and yeast overgrowth in the the large and small intestines if not managed properly) or down a tube from the nose directly into the small intestine. It is said to cure most IBS cases, although a 'cure' (a temporary alleviation in symptoms?) for CFS cases is reported to be around the 50% mark in the small group of patients who engaged this treatment.

The Marshall Protocol is an anti-biotic based treatment devised by Trevor Marshall for systematic mycoplasma (CWD or Cell Wall Deficient bacterial) infection, one potential factor in CFS sufferers. It also uses light deprivation as part of treatment. Some patients have benefitted greatly from this protocol and others have been made very ill as a result. The official Marshall Protocol web site ( is not very user friendly or easy to navigate, but the link below seems to summarise the protocol quite well.
An interview with Trevor Marshall from July 2004 can be found at the link below.
The link below shows a video of Trevor Marshall 'Keynote Presentation at the 2008 World Gene Congress' discussing the links between the immune system, its natural anti-microbial peptides and their suppression by certain types of foreign bacteria or 'microbiota'.
Below this is a web page with critique of the Marshall Protocol, highlighting potential risks, and also quotes from Dr Paul Cheney PhD. More from Cheney can be found on the Cardiac Insufficiency page. In April 2009, Cheney revised his opinion and stated that Vitamin D3 was 'toxic' to CFS patients, and whilst this may be the case in some individuals, it clearly is not in others.

Dr Bob Beck's protocol, known as the Beck Protocol, uses four basic treatments, blood electrification, colloidal silver, high-intensity pulsed magnetic fields and ozonated water. Devices that emit such powerful magnetic fields as the pulsed magnetic field devices if not used correctly may cause illness and manic depression.

The Guaifenesin Protocol as described by The Fibromyalgia Center centres around abstaining from dietary sources of salicylic compounds and other compounds for the treatment of FMS. It works on the basis that the active cause of FMS is Phosphate accumulation, and that Guaifenesin helps to bind with Phosphorus in the Kidneys to remove it. Guaifenesin's affinity for Phosphates is blocked by Salicylates.

The FailSafe diet (RPAH Elimination Diet) is an additive-free diet, but also one low in Salicylates, amines and flavour enhancers (Glutamates). It is often used as part of the Guaifenesin Protocol.

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a form of allergy identification technique based on muscle testing. The company is based in Australia.
Some critical reviews are listed below.

PACE Trial, or Pacing, graded Activity and Cognitive behaviour therapy: a randomised Evaluation - is a UK based trial to treat CFS and ME patients, and consists of standard medical care (e.g. anti-depressants, sleeping pills, anti-biotics etc.), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) and Adaptive Pacing Therapy (APT or Pacing) - adapted exercise and activity levels according to energy levels.
A University of Maryland Medical Centre article about these treatments (CBT, GET and APT) and their effectiveness on CFS patients can be found below.

Arguments against the appropriateness of CBT and GET by Dr Ellie Stein can be found at the link below.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a new type of therapy recommended by NICE for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some theorise it can be used for the pain management of Fibromyalgia and M.E.

A new website has been launched by members of the ME/CFS community supporting the current legal action being under taken against the UK NHS's much criticised National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) ME/CFS CG53 guidelines published in 2007 (involving CBT, GET and Activity Management). The initial judicial review is due (at the time of writing) in October & November 2008.

The National M.E. Centre and Centre for Fatigue Syndromes is a centre/clinic at Old Harold Wood Hospital Site, in Romford, Essex. Consultants include Dr Betty Dowsett (microbiologist) and Prof. Leslie Findley (neurologist). Findley is also a senior neurologist at the Essex Neurosciences Unit of the Havering Hospital NHS Trust based at Queens Hospital in Romford, Essex, and according to one of my associates has been known to assist NHS patients in their dealings with their GPs to receive appropriate diagnosis rather than the 'brush off' which is not unusual amongst the NHS's GPs. However, other patients have reported still being prescribed GET and (exercise) Pacing based 'treatments' by Dr Findley which would indicate perhaps less than an ideal approach to treatment and indeed causality. I cannot comment on their general understanding and approach to holistic medicine and appropriateness of diagnosis or treatment however, but from third hand information it does not instill a huge amount of confidence. But it is a start of sorts.

The MoodGYM Training Program is a web site providing an on line training program in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for preventing depression.

German New Medicine (GNM) developed by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., is a type of treatment for cancer which operates on the basis of stress being a major factor in the livers of cancer patients prior to developing cancer (based on empirical observation and also on the known effects that long term chronic stress has on the immune system). Dr Hamer believes that cancer in of itself cannot kill, but that the stress component certain allows it to do so. I believe that whilst there is some logic here, to focus purely on the psychological (which is of fundamental importance in such cases in my opinion), it would be foolish to ignore detoxification protocols and diet changes, and indeed other types of treatment. Perhaps this is an over-simplification of GNM. Dr Hamer claims to have been plagiarised by many organisations and groups over the last 20 years or so, including NLP and even Scientology.
A New View of Cancer - German New Medicine (GNM)

Hemp Oil and derivative drugs are sometimes used in cancer treatment and often illegal by Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. Please see my article below examining the pros and cons of medicinal hemp oil usage.

Ionic Foot Baths or Spas are referenced above in conjunction with EAV devices. Here are some other EAV related technologies and treatments that are considered to be alternative. I have not personally evaluated any of these.

Tools for Healing's Don Croft Zapper or Terminator II is an EM device based on one proposed by Dr Hulda Clark that is reputed to be able to safely 'zap' harmful micro-organisms from the body, e.g. yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria etc. There are several variants on this model.

Neuroliminal Training (by Dr Philip Bate, PhD) uses similar principles to EEG Biofeedback testing but uses taped waveforms to adjust the amplitude of certain brain waves. It is claimed to help insomnia, depression, autism, ADD and ADHD and is currently being trialled on CFS patients (in combination with Biofeedback testing).

Micro-Current Therapy is a type of therapy similar to TENS, using electronic devices such as those by MicroDoctor or MicroAce. It is said to speed up the rate of cellular repair, as well as reduce pain and inflammation (the latter qualities are like TENS). A type of microcurrent therapy is recommended by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt.

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Oxygenating/Oxidant Supplements:

Please see Mucoid Plaque page for more information.

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Chiropractic or Osteopathic Offshoots:

Dr John Bergman is a Chiropractor that has treated some Fibromyalgia patients for spinal and neck misalignment, which has in specific cases resulted in recovery from 'FMS'-type symptoms.

The Perrin Technique is an osteopathic approach to getting the spinal fluid and lympathic system moving, in order to remove toxins from the body. This is perhaps similar to Craniosacral Therapy or Lymphatic Drainage Massage, but in my opinion, one part of a wider treatment programme, and certainly not a suitable sole treatment for CFS. The Perrin Technique was created/adapted by Dr Raymond Perrin intended to diagnose, treat and cure CFS and ME patients. The Perrin Clinic, run by Dr Perrin, is located in Manchester in the UK.
A list of practitioners can be found at the link below.

The Whitcomb Method is a spinal-based treatment for FMS, devised by Dr Paul Whitcomb, a Chiropractor. The Whitcomb Method promotes the idea of specialist spinal treatment to resolve all biochemical problems, regarded as the chief causative of these problems, as opposed to examining a patient's biochemical problems and treating these. Some (but not all) FMS patients do appear to have skeletal problems as a factor in their overall condition (including a history of whiplash). Are the rest of FMS sufferers actually suffering from postural problems with no accident history? Clearly this is strongly debated. The second web site is an interview with Dr Whitcomb. As of 2008, Whitcomb has not taught anyone else his technique.

The Bowen Technique is an osteopathic technique that was created by famous osteopath Tim Bowen.

Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) is a form of holistic massage developed from the famous osteopath Tim Bowen's Bowen Technique by applied Physiologist, Michael J. Nixon-Livy from Australia in 1995. It combines disciplines like Kinesiology with Osteopathy and many others. It is reputed to enable body to 'communicate better with itself' through stimulating the nervous system in a specific manner. Some claim it to be a refinement of the Bowen Technique (or perhaps it is a 'trademark' issue). A find a practitioner tool can be fond at the second link, although it is best to use a national rather than regional search as some practitioners do not appear to be correctly categorised at present. The third link is from Dr Joseph Mercola's web site, including an article by Nixon-Livy. Mercola believes NFT to be a useful tool in treating CFS and Fibromyalgia patients.

Manipulation Under Anaesthesia or MUA is a procedure where a person is anaesthetised and various osteopathic style manipulations are performed in order to break down scar tissue. It sounds similar to osteopathy, or rather deep tissue massage and stretching, except that it removes the brain and the pain barrier from the equation in order to go further. It is more focussed on lengthening the muscles and breaking down scar tissue and lesions of the muscles around the spine than actual joint and vertebrae manipulation. To what extent do the muscles react to such manipulation after the event is not known by myself - which occurs when the nervous system is fully engaged during normal osteopathy to some extent (going against the path or resistance rather than unfolding the resistance itself). This seems to be a medical approach to the problem, to bypass the perceived hurdle rather than to try less invasive approach. Dr Eric Waldorf's web site is shown below.

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) is a Chiropractic offshoot that involves precise, low-impact atlas bone adjustment so that the jaw can be aligned to a corrected spine (e.g. after major dental surgery). There is an international practitioner locator page, shown at the second link below.
Heidi Grant is a UK-based NUCCA practitioner.

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT), developed by John Iams, PT, is a new type of pain relief technique involving tapping certain points of the body (possibly similar to EFT or Acupressure in certain respects). John Iams has also developed other spinal therapies.

Walking or running barefoot is reputed to have various health benefits, such as correct postural alignment and absorbing more negative ions through the feet. This is examined at some of the web sites below.

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