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PhoenixCFS (PCFS) is an excellent resource site with a forum and a number of research articles.

Dr Joseph Mercola has a number of articles on his web site about health and diet. He also has a book 'Total Health Program' available as a paperback (2003) from Amazon (cheaper) or an e-book from his site (more expensive). He is also selling a variety of health products on his web site, including Whey Healthier and Kefir Starter Pack (freeze dried kefir granules). Delivery times may vary. Dr Mercola is also a health consultant. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the WestonA. Price Foundation. Dr Mercola is no stranger to controversy, and whilst I find the majority of his articles useful, they are rather informal in presentation (i.e. blogs). Dr Mercola sometimes make bold claims without backing these up with hard facts. However that might be said about! He does also make the odd blunder. Use your own judgement. Overall his web site is a great resource.

End Fatigue is Dr Jacob Teitelbaum's web site. He sells a range of supplements for CFS. He is also a consultant for CFS and FMS sufferers. He can recommend consultants in your area. His book From Fatigued To Fantastic (listed in the books section below) is also worth buying as a reference guide for certain areas, but contains no information on toxicity and detoxification, and does not strongly differentiate between recommended and less ideal treatments described.

CureZone.Com is a major source of information on a variety of health issues. The usefulness and accuracy of information on this site may vary.

Environmental Illness Resource's web site contains a variety of different types of information on tests, practitioners, causes, treatments etc for environmentally related illnesses including CFS, FMS etc.

Natural News has up to date articles in the realm of health. The quality is generally good but some may need to be taken with a pinch of salt in my opinion (or rather put into context). (formerly known as has some high level summaries of CFS and FMS, and also includes news articles relating to these areas and also CFS and FMS forums, bulletin boards and communities.

The CFS Report is a news site for CFIDS and contains links to news articles from a variety of sources including sites on this page.

Scott Forsgren's excellent web site,, contains a number of useful summaries of Lyme disease tests and treatments from his own experiences, as well as up-to-date blogs and reports from the latest Lyme Disease seminars.

Dr Michael Culp of Integrative Health Solutions can perform blood microscopy and arrange for the relevant tests. See his web site for a full description of available tests and also dietary recommendations, recipes and general health tips. IHS are also suppliers of Vital Nutrients products in the UK.

Dr James Wilson's web site Adrenal Fatigue is listed below.

Dr David Gersten's web site Amino Acid Power contains a variety of research and general articles on CFS. He also supplies a custom amino acid blend, tailored to each patient's blood amino acid test results.

Dr Myhill's approach to treating CFS is to treat mitochondrial dysfunction by removing toxins or other factors that have caused it, to provide enough co-factors to allow proper mitochondrial function, and to repair oxidative damage and enough rest and a good diet. These are some of the principles discussed on
Dr Sarah Myhill's book 'Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)' 30th edition, May 2012:

A high level view of the some of the factors in causing CFS (also described on is examined by Nutritionist Blake Graham at his web site below.

Beat CFS and FMS aka Advanced Techniques for Overcoming CFS, FMS and GWS is a personal web site with a good overview of many causative factors, areas of investigation and possible treatments regarding CFS, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome. Detoxification, in particular chelation, is limited here however to synthetic chelants, which is not medicalinsider's favoured approach. Otherwise a very good high level summary.

Ken Lassesen's CFS web site was under construction in 2001 but never appears to have been finished. However, he did compile it into a single pdf file. It contains a huge amount of information, not all of which I have validated or approved necessarily, but well worth a read or scan.

David Axford's web site, Axford's Abode contains an extensive ME and CFS section.

CFS Journey - Chris's Journey: From CFS to Adrenal Insufficiency is a blog site containing a number of useful articles, in particular regarding liver function, methylation and Glutathione production.

'Body Detox - Toxic World - Toxic Body - The Secrets of Detoxification!', a e-book by Dr George J Georgiou, covers a variety of topics concerning toxicity, toxification, sources of toxins and also detoxification protocols. These include topics like probiotics, clearing the organs of elimination and chelation using a product called HMD, which contains chlorella, CGF and Cilantro.

FibroFighters is a web site with a number of interesting articles on CFS and FMS in the Science section.

Dr Edward F. Group has written a number of books on health including Health Begins in the Colon, as well as running his own supplement company Global Health Center (GHC), which sells detoxification and cleaning kits, FIR saunas and EM products.
His web site contains a number of information resources, including a video question and answer page, listed below.
Summaries of the content from his book Health Begins in the Colon can be found at the links below.

Dr Ben Kim's web site is shown below with a number of articles on healthy living and body cleaning. He also has his own range of wholefood supplements including Dr Ben Kim's Greens (a soil-based organism probiotic).

Dr Ray D. Strand's web site below contains articles on oxidative stress and other topics. Below is also a link to an article about oxidative stress and CFS and FMS.

A subset of Dr Paul Cheney's suggestions for CFS treatment can be seen at the link below.

The Australian Naturapathic Network's web site features a Fibromyalgia treatment page, with protocols almost identical to some of those suggested on

Randall Fitzgerald in his slightly controversial (but factual) book 'The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health' (2007), (available in paperback and hardcover) examines the time line of the last century, containing statistics regarding mortality rates, use of pharmaceutical drugs, uptake of processed foods, saturated fat intake, use of additives and growth hormones/pesticides etc. in non-organic farming etc. The link below shows a high level summary of his data.

The Encylopedia of Foods, by the Mayo Clinic (on behalf of Dole Foods), can be downloaded as a pdf file at the link below.

Powerwatch is a web site with information about reducing your exposure to electromagnetic fields in the home.

BioInitiative Report is 'A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)' and has linked mobile phone usage to cancer.

National Pure Water Association's web site is listed below.

Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics web site is listed below.

Weston A. Price Foundation is a web resource for diet and health information. Some articles are somewhat poorly written and make various controversial claims without a great deal of evidence or logical reasoning. Use your own common sense and judgement. Other articles lack clarity and could benefit from executive summaries weighing arguments and evidence from both sides. But otherwise the site is a useful source of information.

Linus Pauling Institute's Micronutrient Research for Optimum Health page is a useful resource for micronutrient information pertaining to the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

Chris Masterjohn's web site Cholesterol and Health examines a number of issues around cholesterol and oil intake.

Dr Deitrich Klinghardt MD, a holistic specialist in Neural Therapy, mercury toxicity and Lyme Disease, runs a training academy in Forest Row in East Sussex, called the Klinghardt Acadmey for the Healing Arts. His web site contains a number of articles on heavy metal toxicity and Lyme Disease treatment. Some of his treatment protocols may be considered 'alternative'., the web site dedicated to Edgar Cayce writings and ideas on nutrition and the alkaline diet. There are also links to his foundation's general approach on CFS and FMS which this web site has probably been inadvertently and indirectly heavily influenced by!

Inner Self web site - an article below 'Causes of Cancer by W. John Diamond, M.D. and W. Lee Cowden, M.D. with Burton Goldberg.

Dr Richard Schultze's web site is shown below. He provides a range of 'out of the box' solution products containing high quality herbs. They include formulas for liver, kidney and bowel cleansing as well as superfood mixtures and herbal teas. He has a number of nutrition and herbal programs and information can be found on his web site below and videos and mp3s can be found on the Other Detoxification Methods of the Detoxification page.

Ian Solley's web site This Cure Works (and his other sites) sells an e-book on chronic fatigue syndrome. The book covers a broad range of material, and contains information on toxicity, its effects, lifestyle, phospholipid exchange, diet and detoxification, and nutritional supplements, and is based largely on the Detoxx protocol and Gerson therapy. This book is reviewed by myself here
Ian Solley also now offers an e- book entitled 'This Diet Works: Your Food Freedom!', written by Katreena Watherston with a forward about low GI diet by Hazel Du Preez. It is essentially a high protein, low GI Index diet recipe book. It is designed for use by those with food allergies, to treat and cure those allergies, in a similar way that the Paleo, SCD or GAPS diets are designed for this purpose. It is based to some degree on the Detoxx diet but includes some grains such as Quinoa and also some beans. I will be reviewing this book in due course.

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