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Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation:

Electrosmog, also known as electromagnetic smog or EM smog, is the term used to describe harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation that exist in our modern environments.

Below are pages from Wikipedia defining EM radiation and EM fields.



The following website, Powerwatch, provides some useful information about reducing the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the domestic environment.


The location of mobile/cellular masts in the UK can be found on the Sitefinder Ofcom web site below.


The increasing use of electronic devices and radio network devices (WIFI, GSM, GPRS, 3G, DECT (used by cordless domestic telephone)) that emit pulsed radiation (as well as generating electric and magnetic fields) may cause ill health and changes in brain functioning, particularly in young children who have thinner skulls. WIFI networks are increasingly being set up in UK schools so children can be constantly exposed to significant radiation levels (during downloads) every day. The levels of radiation emitted from WIFI networks in schools or at home during download are approximately 3 times higher than those emitted from cellular (GSM) telephony masts. The average household is full of electrical and electronic devices. Cars increasingly use more electronics, especially hybrid cars. Children have ipod headphones glued to their ears (with associated EM fields) and have mobile phones as toys. Households have larger and larger widescreen TVs. People spend more and more time in front of a computer and monitor or laptop. If one uses a laptop on the sofa, one has it right next to one's private parts , which is particularly helpful!

There is a trend towards zero emissions technologies in transport and other areas. Hybrid and electric cars have become highly fashionable, particularly amongst the Hollywood celebrities (who own multiple, large houses with huge heating and A/C bills, and who frequently fly on planes) and those who live in big cities (e.g. London with Congestion Charge Scheme - electric and hybrid vehicles do not have to pay). Whilst owners of such vehicles do so with good intentions, the green credentials of hybid or electric cars are at best highly dubious, as the electricity that is used to power them is generated by coal, oil or gas power stations. In addition, there is the environmental cost of manufacturing the vehicle in the first place. The well intentioned owners could do more to cut greenhouse gas emissions by using air travel less for their holidays and by buying goods not manufactured in places like China (which opens approximately 2 new fossil fuel based power stations per week - in 2007). However this is not likely unless consumers are prepared to pay more for goods manufactured elsewhere and are less borgeois and greed in consumer spending and holiday tastes. Perhaps this will never happen in a global economy.

In addition, hybrid and electric cars have a health impact on those that ride inside them, having increased EM pollution over 'regular' cars. It would be interesting to see some studies carried out on the EMF levels in different car types. EM smog issues also relate to public transport such as power lines for trains etc. It would be good to see the push towards greener technology being combined with a push towards less EM pollution and the promotion of health. The two need not be exclusive. If we are to put the development of science and technology in perspective, the last 100 years have seen a massive increase in the use of electricity, and without it, it is unlikely we would have made the advances we have. However, it is time to look at the health impact this has had and make positive steps forward given our current technical knowledge as a society.

It is easy to lose historical perspective on our daily environment and lives. This is particularly so with the amount of hours sat in front of computers and close proximity to computer monitors. This is not something that was done up until the last 30 years. Mobile phones in particular are now a cultural addiction for most people in developed countries. Mobile phones not only emit harmful EMFs when they are in use, but also when they are switched on but not taking calls (standby). Leaving mobile phones on is quite antisocial, from an EM perspective, as well as forcing other people to listen to annoying ring tones and your personal conversations ("I am on a train...") People are addicted to having to be reachable all the time, wherever they are, and want to be disturbed. It is a type of paranoia, that people do often feel secure if they are driving to remote locations or out of the house without their mobile phone. Parents feel their children need them in case they get into trouble or are hurt and similarly may keep their own mobiles on 24/7 as they are similarly paranoid. People managed just fine without them before! Mobile phones are probably a major cause of stress for most people who do not let themselves switch off from their busy busy lifestyles, and who want to be called by work colleagues who can't be bothered to look in a file for some information or other.

Initiative Report is 'A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)' and has linked mobile phone usage to brain cancer.

If one is going to use a mobile phone anyway, then one could consider reducing one's exposure to potentially harmful GSM microwave radiation output by:

- hold the speaker end of the handset 1-2cm away from your ear, having it on full volume, i.e. avoid pressing it against your ear. Increase the distance of the aerial from your head.

- use a handsfree kit (either a standard handfree kit or one with no electrical connection between the phone and the earpiece (as described further down).

- avoid making long calls. Ask the person to call back if you are close to a call box or your landline. Frequently people will be talking on the mobile whilst standing next to their desk telephone or home telephone. How ridiculous is that? Never mind if the other person is paying for the call, you are also 'paying' for it in another sense.

- keep all calls on your mobile short. Only use your mobile in an emergency. What is an emergency ? Most people are too borgeois to know what a real emergency is. It is all relative. Although most parents assume that teenagers should only using their mobiles in an emergency, very few parents actually tell their children this or give them any guidelines. To children, it is just another toy; and also a sign of being grown up, so the more they are seen using it the better for their self-image. Children do not only have thinner skulls (does bone really act as a complete shield against GSM radiation?) but will be exposed to mobile phone outputs for more years than current adults who only started using them in their late teens, 20s or 30s, for example. Bear this in mind!

- if you buy a teenager a mobile phone, ask the store to provide you with a leaflet on the potential health effects of mobile phone usage. Give this to your teenager!

- perhaps consider switching your phone off more of the time, rather than having it on standby 24 hours a day and close to your person at all times.

- avoid making calls when the signal is low, as the output of the phone increases to try to find the signal.

- try sending a short text message (SMS) rather than actually calling someone. This is especially useful if you do not want to talk to the person or they yap on and never shut up or get to the point!

- avoid making calls whilst driving. It is a distraction, increases your risk of being in an accident, and recent research shows that the body work of cars helps to reflect radiation back onto the user (the Faraday cage effect), resulting in up to 13+ times the recommended EU level (of 4-6V/m). Because some of the radiation is reflected back into the car rather than going outside to connect to the network, the mobile phone radiation output increases to compensate. Inner cities, with good reception, showed levels of 21V/m which is still up to 5 times the recommended level. Increased output levels when driving through areas of poor reception can result in levels of up to 54V/m inside the vehicle. The UK's HPA denies the findings are valid as they were not measured in the unit W/kg of tissue - this does sound like a brush off however and does not really contradict the actual facts presentsed.

As well as the actual radiation output from your mobile phone, one should also consider the output from the mobile network masts. The radiation exposure from these is clearly greater the closer one is to the mast, but also there is the density of masts for each respective network to consider. Clearly, there are more masts in built up areas and in cities than there are in small villages and in the middle of the countryside. Clearly the less density and the further away one is from the nearest mast the better! Country living is no doubt more psychologically healthy also.

Parents have a huge responsibility to their children, but are rarely well informed of the health aspects of their diets, let alone informed about mobile phone usage and its effects. Parents buy mobile phones for their kids. They have a responsibility to their children. They have a responsibility to press the telephone companies and networks for information and research. Often consumers take a passive approach and expect to be informed by the mobile phone networks about the possible health issues, but there is clearly a conflict of interest here. It is clearly not in the mobile operators or phone manufacturers' interest to scare the public off, but instead they downplay the risks in order to maximise market share and profits. Why would a mobile operator advise you to make shorter calls and avoid long phone calls?! They want you to do the exact opposite.

A recent study by Swedish scientists, reported in October 2008, that Òpeople who started mobile phone use before the age of 20Ó had more than five-fold increase in gliomaÓ, a cancer of the glial cells that support the central nervous system. The extra risk to young people of contracting the disease from using the cordless phone found in many homes was almost as great, at more than four times higher.



The German government advises its citizens to use wired internet and landlines instead of WiFi and mobile phones.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has called for urgent action to reduce radiation exposure from WiFi, mobile phones and masts aftera recent international science review concluded that safety limits for radiation were 'thousands of times too lenient'.


Indeed many businesses have dispensed with fixed line telephony entirely and business users are on a virtual private network, where they can dial short codes (as if they were using an internal phone system or PBX) to call other extensions. Such VPNs are cost effective as calls to handsets within the VPN are priced very low. So many business users spend all day on a mobile handset.

Many consumers similarly expect the food industry, advertisements and supermarkets to educate them and to help them make healthy choices. Clearly the food industry tries to help the consumer make the most profitable choices. In the UK, mobile telephone and network contract retailers are obliged to supply a leaflet warning of the potential health effects of mobile telephones but they rarely do so, and only a small minority actually produce such a leaflet if the customer specifically asks (which rarely happens). Many sales staff have absolutely no idea about the health risks and are clearly lacking in any knowledge in this area. This should not be the case. Ironically, the mobile operators are part of the communications industry, but are failing to communicate with the general public (their customer base) about the health effects of mobile phone usage, and also fail to consult local communities when erecting mobile network masts.

They do not bother to reassure local communities about their safety and leave many householders worrying about the possible health effects. They also decline to comment when asked about the possible detrimental effects they might have to communities health. The technology has been rolled out massively in all developed and nearly all developing countries without really investigating the long term effects of doing so. People are in effect guinea pigs. This is however usually the way science and technology works. People do something that is very bad for them in the knowledge that it is 'harmless' for many years until eventually scientific research comes out that tells them it was in fact harmful after all. By which point it is a bit late!

Mobile operators are also failing to sufficiently fund research into the safety and long term effects of mobile phone usage, and the reality is that no one knows. Of course, one can speculate! Some scientists say that there is no evidence that mobile phone usage is harmful in any way, and others have studies to show that it has a negative effect on the immune system (e.g. calls over 5 minutes) and could thereby increase one's risk of contracting cancer.

Whilst many people can testify to having headaches when using their mobile phones, including myself, when they are not expecting to or imagining that they won't, there is clearly a great deal of anxiety about living close to mobile network masts. Whilst I personally believe that they constitute a health hazard, I also concedes that fear of and anxiety about such health hazards is probably a greater risk to your health than the actual hazard itself (unless you are an intensive user of your mobile phone or live very close to a mast). If you perceive something to be a danger to your health, then the mind can create negative symptoms in the body, and you can 'think yourself ill'. Some studies have shown this to be the case (in the short term - using a perceived threat of a mobile telephony mast versus no perceived threat). Such studies however do not test an actual threat versus a perceived threat. However, clearly the long term effects of masts are still not known. In any case, the ideas discussed on this page are unlikely to be generally accepted by the public or scientific community as a whole anyway. Don't hold your breath!

When making any meaningful judgement or conclusions on electromagnetic fields, we have to know the type, the relative strengths, and duration and frequency of exposure. To build up a calm and logical awareness of the invisible world of EM fields and to act accordingly, if practical. One has to reach some sort of compromise, and it should ideally be come from an informed position, rather than an emotional or knee-jerk one. Some electronic items we simply do not need, and certainly do not require them immediately on our person most of the day. Lose some of your electronic greed! Some exposures are easily avoided with little effort and a little rearranging of domestic practices and items, and common sense. Whatever you decide, stick with it and above all there is no point in becoming stressed or worried about it, as then you are just adding another problem on top of the existing one! Life is never perfect so just make the best of what you have got.

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Electromagnetic Field Detection:

There are a number of different devices on the market to measure and detect EM fields. They vary in the types of field they can detect and the range.

One device that I have found most versatile is the TriField Meter Model 100XE, manufactured in the USA. This device has proven useful for detecting the alternating EM field output of various electrical devices as well as the electric field output. A mobile telephone, which the backlit screen on and connected to the network but not making any calls gives a high Magnetic Field reading but the Electric Field reading is off the scale. The Radio/Microwave setting is less useful as it does not appear to detect mobile phone radiation. I do not own a microwave so have not tested it on this device. Such a device can be used to 'see' the hidden world of electric fields and magnetic fields and to find all the electric field hot spots in your home (which may not always be where you expect them). It can become an intesting pasttime! The frequencies of radiation emitted from monitors (in the visible spectum mainly) are not detected by such a simple device. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it. Some devices are marketed for 'Ghost Hunting' but this application is a more modern application in popular culture - they tend to represent poorly specified and over-priced devices marketed to those with little scientific knowledge about magnetism.

I have also used an analogue (mechanical) Gaussmeter, which measures static magnetic field from magnetised objects of between +20 and -20 Gauss. This is not useful for electronic devices but will detect magnetised metallic objects such as magnets. The needle in normal circumstances remains in the centre at '0' Gauss. It is manufactured by the Magnetic Analysis Corporation.

Please be aware that any 'electromagnetic field protection' devices in your home will not make any difference to the electric or magnetic field readings. These devices are designed to work on the aspects of these fields that are not measurable by mainstream scientific instruments, or the effects these fields have on the surroundings (that equally cannot be measured by mainstream scientific instruments). There may be a large number of different 'qualities' of EM fields and we are only currently measuring two with the devices mentioned above. Manufacturers of EMF protection devices often state that there is one other quality, be it 'vortex' or other, but this is not the case from my own personal evaluation. As manufacturers do not disclose very much at how their techologies work, then it is virtually impossible to really gain a good understanding of this area unless one dedicates several years of research into this area. The actual changes such devices make in the environment can only be measured subjectively by how you feel, or by dowsing or muscle testing. Equally which wearable EMF protection device you choose can only be evaluated by these latter methods also.

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Electromagnetic Deficiencies:

The body's own electromagnetic field can be detected by marine animals such as sharks, which use this sense to search and hunt for fish and marine invertibrates when hidden under sand or in low to zero visibility conditions. Whilst we may not consider our bodies under normal circumstances to have a magnetic field, it does and it plays a vital role in our own body's health and optimal functioning.

Long term exposure to EMF pollution can adversely affect our body's natural EM field, with a corresponding impact on cellular electrical charge and functioning. It is likely that many sufferers of CFS or related conditions are electromagnetically deficient and have EM imbalances. These are largely caused by EM smog. Whilst EM smog is not particularly good for any living thing, some people appear to react more badly to its presence of strong EM smog than others. The exact reasons for this are complex. One may theorise it is because of the electromagnetic deficiencies of certain individuals, who as they have a less strong and balanced EM field, are more prone to be thrown off by EM smog. Another way of interpreting this is to consider sensitivity to EM smog as a symptom of the nervous system having lost its natural balance point, where the body doesn't quite know where to return to after illness, and thus may well be hypersensitive/allergic to a variety of inputs that are normally handled acceptably, for example, strong light, smells, chemicals (Multiple Chemical Sensitivies or MCS), and EM smog. If these are two different things, then it is posslbe that both are operating together in some manner in the afflicted individuals, perhaps in the brainstem (over-interpretation of external stimuli). For example, too close proximity to a harmful EM field may result in an unpleasant headache or sensation on the body part closest to this device etc. (most notably the head) which immediately improves upon switching the device off or moving away from it.

Another contributary factor to becoming EM deficient may be too low a blood pH. The extracellular fluids surrounding the body's cells must be alkaline (pH 7.4) in order to maintain the negative electrical charge on the outside of one's cells. Too low a fluid/plasma pH and depletion in electrical charge can result in biochemical inefficiency and electromagnetic deficiencies. It can also result in the clumping together of red blood cells in the lymphatic system with protein wastes, which may build up and causes blockages in the lymphatic circulation, decreasing the body's immune capability and also detoxification capability. Further discussion regarding blood pH and acidosis can be found on the Acidosis page. Discussion pertaining to lymphatic congestion and electrical charge can be found in the Light Therapies section on the Detoxification page.

EM deficiency or imbalance may affect the electrical charge and behaviour of the body's cells and have an adverse effect on the body's cellular behaviour, biochemical conditions and processes including detoxification, the lymphatic system, mitochondrial efficiency, ability to absorb nutrients (e.g. minerals, vitamins and co-enzymes), digestive efficiency (amino acid conversion and absorption) and adrenal functioning. The presence of mitochondrial dysfunction tested biochemically could indicate a potential EM problem as one component of the overall picture, for example. Toxicity particularly free radical production and excitotoxicity can greatly increase sensitivity to harmful EMFs, e.g. high blood plasma Mercury levels (perhaps through excessive mobilisation of heavy metals).Toxicity levels can be tested by hair analysis, blood tests, urine tests and by white blood cell microscopy. Nutrient levels can be tested by hair analysis, blood tests and urine tests. The presence of EM deficiency can be detected using various forms of Bio-Resonance testing. See the identification page for more information.

Wikipedia describes Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, which illustrates the lack of awareness of this issue in the medical establishment as well as the general public. It is even less understood and acknowledged than the other symptoms and causation of M.E., CFIDS and Fibormyalgia.

One thing that should be considered is that the mind can play a part in electromagnetic sensitivity. I am not suggested it is all in the mind by any means, but if one has uncovered EM sensitivity already, perhaps because inflammation is excessively upregulated during a particular phase of one's CFS or treatment, and one has identified that exposure to high intensity electric or magnetic fields, or indeed mobile phone microwvaes affect one's nervous system, it is easy to extrapolate this to other areas, which one might expect to potentially be an issue, and thus create what feels like a real sensitivity where none would have existed before. This is likely to affect individuals with a history of psychosis more than others. One example is radiation from radioactive watches containing tritium dials and hands. The external radiation from such watches outside the case is negligible, but if one knows one is already sensitive to electric and magnetic fields, then one may create such a feeling (unconsciously) and it would feel very real in its effect on the body (in terms of headaches and nervous system/adrenal upregulation/chaos). During the course of treatment one may well become less sensitive to EMFs, but if one is being cautious all the time, then one may not realise it, so it is probably not a bad idea to occasionally test one's limits to see where one is at, if one knows one has made progress with detoxification, for instance. It is easy to lose one's sense of perspective and be fixed on an awareness of past issues rather than present as they morph and change.

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Stimulating the Body's Electromagnetic Field:

Studies have shown empirically that eliminating harmful EMFs (EMF pollution) and by supporting/strengthening the body's own magnetic fields, that cells have greatly increased their rate of toxin release and nutrient absorption.

Many of the treatments and therapies described on the energetic therapies page work by indirectly or directly influencing the body's own electromagnetic field to remove energetic blockages, by stimulating improved blood circulation, and also to amplify and resonate the body's natural electro-magnetic fields and internal energy (qi) to varying degrees. However, there are other methods of achieving this, directly or indirectly, which are perhaps even more effective in the long term. The exact optimal array of electromagnetic field stimulating devices used for a particular individual clearly depends on the extent of electromagnetic deficiency and also the number and strength of the magnetic-type products used. These products have been classified into static magnetic products and active electromagnetic products.

EM therapies energise the cells of the body, but the exact relationship between energetic therapies and electromagnetic therapies is not fully understood by the author! However, in many cases, a person with extremely deficient electromagnetic field may not respond that well to energetic therapies, and an electromagnetic therapy such as OAPD may be much more effective in a matter of weeks than simply relying on an energetic therapy alone, which may bring limited success after many months or years of sessions. I have determined empirically, through experiment and observation, that stimulating the body's EM field in the short term does not necessarily greatly increase the body's qi flow or amount of qi in the body. However, it does appear to create the optimal electromagnetic conditions in the body to allow the qi to be developed and grow properly. I have noticed that conditions such as stomach upsets (depleted stomach/'spleen' energy/qi) or crashes due to mitochondrial depletion/endocrine disfunction/disruption can occur (simultaneously) even when the level of EM stimulation of the body is high, and when the body's EM field has been greatly increased. When trying to increase qi flow using energetic therapies, it is likely that one needs to attend to background factors before it can be truly effective (i.e. nutritional, toxicity and cell membrane health, and electromagnetic factors)

As a general rule, the magnetic devices and products listed below stimulate the body's electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic signature of the body's cells. This helps to promote better biochemical and electrical functioning. One aspect of this increase in the cellular electromagnetic signature is to promote detoxification through the liberation of toxins. This may or may not be noticeable depending on the overall extent of stimulation. The greater the electromagnetic stimulation, the greater the ability for the cells and lymphatic system to liberate toxins, for removal by the liver. When one is in the 'zone' one may experience the optimum level of electromagnetic field stimulation and a sense of wellbeing, with no noticeable detoxification effects (although there may be some). If one increases the level of stimulation beyond this, then one will experience detoxification symptoms and an increased level of detoxification. It is likely that the initial detoxification felt with beneficial magnetic field devices comes from the clearing of the lymphatic system more than purely from the body's cells in general.

Please see the section below on Combining EM Devices for information on combining different products or a number of/amount of/exposure duration to the same product, and managing the optimum level of stimulation of the body's EM field and detoxification.

I have personally found that stimulating a depleted electromagnetic field in the body as a whole has numerous beneficial effects, such as increasing skin elasticity (a sign of youthfulness vs premature ageing), increased softness of skin, quicker muscle recovery, increased energy levels, shorter recovery times (after a crash) and better hormonal function (e.g. indulging in sexual activity having considerably less detrimental effect on one's circadian rhythm and sleep cycle). These beneficial effects are similar in certain respects to those gained from certain types of energetic therapy (depending on what is going on in an individual at a given point in time.) It is probably preferable to alternate the techniques one uses to stimualte the body's EM field, in order to subject the body to as many different types of EM stimulation as possible.

Please note that the devices and types of electromagnetic stimulation discussed on this page are highly specific, and to think that any high powered magnet will provide health benefits regardless of how it is used would be highly naive. Most magnetic devices work on the basis of a static negative field (in the northern hemisphere) and any devices that promote a strong positive field (e.g. the reverse side of a static magnet) or worse still an alternating magnetic field will only help to worsen one's condition rather than benefit it in any way. The idea is to promote the body's natural electromagnetic field and not to demagnetise it! Please therefore be very careful in what you do. Anything you do is at your own risk.

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Light-Based Therapies:

Light-based therapies, using certain frequencies of light, are a source of EM radiation, but have a positive effect on the body. LBG (aka OAPD) Treatments and also FIR Saunas are used for detoxification purposes and are described on the Detoxofication page. I have chosen to list the information about light therapies on a separate page as they have a cardiovascular aspect and help to burn calories, they use direct EM radiation as opposed to EM fields, and are used in very short duration, and as such are markedly different to the other devices mentioned on this page.

Light therapies also help to energise the cells of the body and to provide a beneficial EM input, helping to correct imbalances in a patient's own EM field. LBG/OAPD is probably much more powerful in this respect than FIR, and also helps to clear the lymphatic system by stimulating the negative electrical charge on the outside of cell membranes and breaking up congestion caused by red blood cells with a low negative electrical charge binding protein wastes in the lymphatic system. A typical LBG/OAPD session lasts for 2 hours.

A typical FIR session lasts between 5 and 15 minutes. LBG/OAPD utilises the lower frequencies of EM radiation (low visible light and below). LBG/OAPD is probably the most powerful tool available for EM treatment. Incidentally LBG was created by ELF Laboratories, the same company that developed the Teslar chip.

FIR saunas and LBG/OAPD help to electromagnetically energise the cells of the body. FIR saunas are sometimes used by the elderly to improve circulation and increase energy levels, and promote a healthy metabolism. It is at higher levels of energetic functioning that cells are best able to function on a biochemical and metabolic level. If we consider the fact that cells that are at a higher state of energetic functioning will more readily rid their membranes of toxins, then one can probably safely assume that conversely that neurotoxins on the inter- and intra-cellular membranes decrease the potential maximum energetic states that the cells can actually reach and their biochemical efficiency. Once the body is rid of the majority of its neurotoxins from the cell membranes, then light therapies like FIR saunas can then really be used for longer periods at each session, where the focus can be on increasing the energetic state of the cells, without having to worry about the side effects and limits imposed by the release of toxins in a controlled manner.

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Clint Ober, the author of the book 'Earthing', came upon the idea of using earthing as a form of healing and health modality and applying the concept to the modern domestic environment. Being earthed when working on microelectronics is nothing new, i.e. wearing an earthing wrist band and being connected by a wire to the mains, or working with computer components on an earthed rubber mat. However, in this application it is rather unique. It is the same effect as walking on a natural surface, e.g. stone, earth, grass, particularly when wet.

When wearing rubber soled shoes or slippers, one is effectively unable to earth oneself - good if you are working with live voltages or where you could be struck by lightning so you don't get electrocuted, however, bad for all the rest of the time. When you are not earthed (i.e. not standing on the ground outside barefoot) you are not protected against induced voltages. If you stand near an electrical device or just anywhere in your house where you have overhead electric cables in the ceiling and walls, your body will be induced to a slight electric voltage. This will be constant, all day, all night. It is likely to be very bad for your health and encourage inflammation. When one is earthed, this induced voltage is reduced to zero. Earthing may protect you from induced voltages to a large degree (as long as you remain earthed), they do not protect directly protect you from the effects of magnetic fields - although if you are exposed to both electric and magnetic fields, you can at least eliminate one element from the equation.

There are various earthing products, licensed by Clint Ober presumably, and also by other manufacturers that do the same thing. One product is a earthing half sheet, essentially a cotton sheet with silver thread criss crossed, and a connector at one corner so that one can attach a wire to earth it. You sleep on this but you need to have it in contact with your skin. You could wear a wristband in bed but it is not comfortable. The earthing sheet is in contact with your legs or feet so you can't wear pyjama bottoms (I prefer to wear socks in bed) so use my legs instead of my feet to maintain contact.

Other accessories include an earthing wrist band or a universal mat (made of conductive rubber). I don't find using a wrist band very practical if you get up from your computer desk etc. frequently so I instead use the rubber mat to rest the base of my hands on as I use the keyboard. If you are mousing, then you can rest the other hand on the mat. I also use the wrist band, but instead of putting in on my wrist, I turn it inside out and stuff it inside the top of my underwear. I do the same thing in the car. You can buy an earthing wristband on an auction site or amazon for a few pounds with a crocodile clip on the end that you can attach the underside of your car seat. Whilst the car won't be fully earthed all the time, you will have less electric shocks when getting out of your car and also be more earthed than if you did not. You can buy an earthing strip to hang from your back bumper but these look rather ugly - and drag on the ground when the car is moving slowly or stationary.

When it comes to actually what to connect the earthing cable to, the manufacturer suggests the earthing hole in the mains socket. The pin at the end of the cable is designed for the US earthing pin hole in their mains sockets. UK or EU adapters are availabe, which is essentially the same as buying an adapter plug yourself, but has only one pin in it (for the earth). As you won't/can't plug the earthing pin into the neutral or live holes in the adapter (they are the wrong shape), then this is not really an issue and you don't need to buy a custom plug at twice the price. The custom adapter with only one pin in it also is not so secure in the power socket as a regular adapter.

However, being plugged into the mains wiring is not ideal as the earth wiring is adjacent to the live wiring throughout the house (albeit terminated on your gas pipe or similar feed into the house), so the electron spin of the electrons in the earth port is not likely to be that natural or favourable for your health - especially if you are EMF sensitive. It is MUCH better to buy or make an earthing rod and push it into the ground in the flower bed or similar outside your window, and thread the thin insulated wire/cable through the closed window (open the window, push the wire through, then close it!) into the room where you will use it. It is annoying having the wires in the room and by the window but better than plugging it into the mains as you won't feel as good. If you live in a flat or similar, you may want to improvise and attach the wires to a radiator or water pipe, if possible, rather than use the mains plug - but if you can dangle a wire out of the window and tape it onto a drainpipe and run it into a flower bed, all the better. I would only plug the earthing wire into the power socket if I had no other practical option. Both are equally well earthed/grounded to earth in most soil types.

The earthing sheet is quite portable so you could take it on holiday with you for example.

It is up to you how often you earth yourself, but the more often and longer the better. You may need to get used to the earthing sheet gradually, and only use it for an hour a day or every other day until you can lie on it all night. I felt a very strong effect from earthing at first and my legs tingled and felt amazing for a few weeks (as the body was flooded with electrons) but gradually I got used to it. It also felt better on the sheet in bed (which also had a magnetic sleep pad) than just sitting down with a wristband in contact with my skin. Probably as there was a combined effect.

Whilst some of the devices on this page are 'new age', this technology is scientifically proven to earth you. You can use a voltmeter to measure the induced voltage on your person when not earthed. It is quite disturbing!

http://www.earthing.com/Default.asp If you are UK based, you could bulk order from the USA or simply buy from a UK distributor, like BioEnergy Products. Not all the accessories are necessary as I've mentioned above, and there are rival products on the market also you may want to look at.


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Active Electromagnetic Products:

I have endeavoured to provide as much technical information as possible on the following active EM products, but is limited by the manufacturers being protective of their (patented) proprietary product information. We are interested in exactly what happens and what the nature of the interaction between the device and the body is, so we can understand more about the nature of EM deficiencies and their treatments and how they relate to one another. Unfortunately many of the manufacturers are more interested in their share of the market than furthering education and collective development in this field, but this is often the way. Some of these products are in the realm of 'pseudoscience'.

The types of devices in this area, using a variety of technologies may not all be beneficial for your body at any moment in time. Some may only have a limited beneficial effect, some may be neutral in beneficial terms (although they may feel like they are stimulating your body), others may feel as if they are doing nothing, and others may actually have a detrimental or disruptive effect on the body (in energetic terms) even though they feel like they are doing you some good. What is beneficial for one person may not be quite right for another. The qualities of these products are hard if not impossible to define and one is by no means the same as another, although one can take a view of broadly how they work (category) to see if it might be something that might help (from your past experience). In addition, some people are extremely sensitive and may have to limit their level of exposure initially as it can easily overload the adrenals and nervous system as a whole, interfering with sleep etc.

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Pulsor and Whisper

Two technologies that I am currently looking into include Pulsor and Geomack, and will report with more details in the medium term.

Pulsor is a type of EMF protector created by the late Dr George T.F. Yao in the 1960s. Yao a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate in Naturopathy, and trained as an acupuncturist. Pulsor is based on microcrystals, and currently manufactured by Axis International. Yao worked on developing new Pulsor products until his passing in 1998. These are created in 3 different forms, to correspond to different degrees of 'vibration' and are used to help clear the body's three main meridians (according to the slightly different bodily polarities found in men and women), as a type of complex, sophisticated therapy, act as personal protection devices, as well as clearing negative polarisations in objects and buildings. They are said to be superior to regular crystals that are normally polar and can be both beneficial and detrimental depending on how they are held.

Pulsors work on the principle of vortex spin or polarity. Clockwise/positive spin in objects is thought to be beneficial to our bodies, whereas negative or anticlockwise spin is thought to be detrimental. Pulsor devices in isolation have a positive spin but in combination with different frequencies/colours of Pulsor can take on different properties, to set up a 'circuit' for energy balancing treatments and so on. One can detect the direction of spin of a part of the patient's body, one's own body, or an object, by using an Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester pendulum or by charging a pendulum using Pulsors (or salt and pepper) and holding this over the object in question, it should take on a spin in either direction (i.e. dowsing). This does not require any 'psychic' input from the user (as with most dowsing practises) but is merely an exercise in holding the hand still. The most effective set of 3 different Pulsors for energy balancing work is the Angel Vortex Pulsors. These can also be worn on the body to form a circuit. Most people who wear pulsors tend to wear either the Pulsor pendant or the Acu-Pulsor. For women, it should be worn on a positive part of the body, usually near the heart. For men, the central area of the body is reversed, and so would wear it hanging by their solar plexus or in their left pocket.

A polarity diagram of male and female system can be found at www.vitalenergetik.com

Pulsors can be used to change the spin of objects, food or liquids from negative to positive by simply touching them with the Pulsor. The Acu-Pulsor or pendant can be particularly convenient for this use. This is perhaps comparable in some form with BioPro's ERT and MRET technology, but which requires between 5 and 30 minutes to charge a liquid compared with Pulsor's instantaneous charging.

Pulsors seem to work best when positioned in a triangle, and also when directly under the object or person in question.

It is possible, it is said, using 3 different Pulsors to condition one's office or domestic electricity supply to remove the harmful, disorienting (negative/anticlockwise) subtle energy components of electric and magnetic fields by positioning the Pulsors on the main electricity meter or fuse box. Another way of achieving this is to use a Pulsor Vortex Energy Filter (VEF) which is a large Pulsor with a plug and socket attached to it. This is plugged between the wall socket and a typically high EMF emitting power bar or extension lead and gradually spreads conditioned electricity to all areas on that circuit or the entire house. The nearer on is plugged into the fusebox, the better as there is less distance to travel 'backwards' before the positive spin electrons can spread to all other circuits. Either method is claimed to assist in also reducing the effects of geopathic stress. One Pulsor or more can also be positioned onto the incoming water pipe to one's property to help in changing the spin of the piping and water in the taps and shower/bath. All of the above conditioning methods may take some weeks to take full effect.

Pulsors can also be placed under one's mattress in a triangle formation. The effect is very powerful indeed from my experience. Instructions for this and the above can be found in the Pulsor books below.

Yao advised against wearing metallic jewelry or items on one's person. Whilst one can condition the items in question with a positive spin, one may need to do this several times a day to maintain effective spin and to counter the effective of magnetism from electrical items. Those with metallic implants, even if they are amagnetic 316L Surgical Stainless Steel may need to regularly condition those implants every day for optimal wellbeing.


Pulsors are explained in two texts:

'Pulsor - Miracle of Microcrystals - A Treatise on Energy Balancing' by Dr George T.F. Yao

'Healing Energy' by John Davidson, M.A.

Most buyers interested in Pulsors probably tend to buy a Pendant or similar wearable device and the VEF, as these do not require any skill or knowledge for use. The printed material on Pulsors is rather in depth and is designed for practitioners (i.e. exercises for the Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester and the different coloured Pulsors, e.g. Angel Vortex Stablisers), but that is not to say anyone cannot learn how to use them to cleanse their home, vehicle or use them for energy balancing. It is also an option to use the 3-in-1 Pulsors instead of the dedicated frequency Pulsors, so one does not have to worry about which Pulsor to place where so much. I was sceptical of the claims and technology at first, but it did sound very flexible, and the results I obtained were highly impressive - most so in the first few weeks it has to be said, although the devices did still feel like they were working after this.

Dan McBee, nicknamed the Mind Whisperer, a Pulsor practitioner and reseller since the 1980s, recently set up his own company Whisper International, Inc. He worked closely with George Yao in the 80s and understood the technology well. His company sells devices called 'Whispers', which utilise the same microcrystal technology as Pulsors, as far as I am aware, but in a new packaging and manufacturing process, enabling them to be smaller and lighter. They are also cheaper. He chose to make all Whispers the same, i.e. multi-frequency, rather than having separate frequency Whispers, as in the Pulsor range. 3-in-1 multi-frequency Pulsors are also available, but are slightly less flexible and powerful than the dedicated frequency versions. The latter are however more complicated to use. McBee chose to simplify the product range compared with Pulsors. He also produced his own set of audio, video and paper instructional material, including different exercises.


I will be trialling both technologies and will report back with more news shortly. The results so far have been excellent, with increased energy levels, improved sleep and decreased sensitivity to sources of dirty EMFs. In short, the best technology in this area he has trialled to date.

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Orgonite & Geomack Raditech


Orgonite is a type of crystal product that works by heating up a resin and adding metal shavings, minerals, and one or more crystals. The mixture is set by cooling and the 'orgonite' is produced. It works on the basis of crushing the crystal within the resin but the metal also plays some role. It typically looks very ugly and doesn't like water (because of the resin) but works very well. It was popularised by the new age and hippie movement. Typically it is placed on the electricity fuse box or meter, water main, in the car (under your seat), under your bed, on a pendant and/or on any electrical devices in the home. You may find it very stimulating on your nervous system at first, and only a small piece is recommended for use under your bed at first, building up very slowly with additional pieces, a larger piece or adding a different kind of device, as you get used to it. It is relatively inexpensive but quite heavy and bulky. The exact type of crystal(s), minerals and metal filings used will change the effect of the orgonite. There are many manufacturers, mostly self-employed individuals who manufacture at home. If you believe this is pseudoscience, then why not test the theory. A piece can be purchased for a couple of pounds, and you can place it under your bed and see if you notice anything or not. My osteopath, who is very sceptical, said he did not feel anything from any of the devices I brought in, on one occasion, except for the orgonite.

The most powerful and small orgonite I have used is made by a gentleman called Mike a.k.a. 'Sensei' who makes 'nano-organite' by using tiny crystals.


The Blue Sun makes Orgonite globes without metal shavings but with minerals that are quite powerful - and also 'ChemBusters' or large flow pot style pieces of Orgonite. Both can be used indoors.


Photonorgone is a seller of orgonite that also sells on a famous auction site. His products are not that expensive, use a variety of minerals and crystals and very good.


John Scudmore of Whale Orgonite, in the UK, makes some of the cheapest Orgonite on the market.


Geomack are manufacturers of EMF protection devices called RadiTech, which are long and cylindrical. They are coated in an Aluminium case and so I do not know what they contain. I tried one and found it comparable to Orgonite, and it seems to be the same weight. Raditech devices however look more hi-tech but are much more expensive.

Neither Geomack nor regular Orgonite create a positive vortex spin (tested by using a Pulsor pendant) but work in a different manner. They did seem to reduce the effect of EMFs to some degree.


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Philip Stein Teslar Watches & Bracelets

In addition to the Magno-Pulse bracelet, another beneficial product for those with EM imbalances and deficiences includes an active EM product. These use a 'tesla coil' and include the Philip Stein Teslar range of products. The coil emits a 7-9Hz frequency signal that helps to stimulate the body's EM field. The Teslar frequency corresponds to the 7.83Hz which is generated by the earth's own magnetic field, which is known as the Schumann Resonance. The frequency also corresponds to the frequency of alpha and theta waves produced by the brain.

The Teslar technology is completely unrelated to magnets, pendants or copper bracelets. Teslar technology is an active technology that produces an oscillating signal which helps to shield the body from electronic pollution. The Teslar Inside Corporation makes no representation of or comparison to magnets or other similar passive devices unfortunately for us readers! Teslar technology was invented in 1986 to emit a unique 'earth signal' often claimed to be associated with calm, creativity and enhanced performance. This signal may help the body resist the negative effects of daily stresses such as poor sleep habits, hectic work environments, and constant exposure to electronic pollution caused by cell phone systems, computers, and all other electrical sources. Many Teslar wearers have experienced better night time sleep, more calm and less stress, more focus, and improved over all well-being, among other beneficial effects. There have never been any reported physical well being-related problems with people simultaneously using magnets and the Teslar technology.

The 'earth signal' being referenced is 7.83 Hz (The Schumann Frequency), though the actual frequency of the special signal in Philip Stein Teslar products oscillates between 7 and 9 hertz (oscillation is claimed to help ensure that the body does not acclimate to the signal and thus learn to ignore it). There is a great deal of information available about this frequency, which is known as the Schumann Resonance. Beware of various new age or conspirazoid web sites and their often exaggerated ideas about this resonance!

The Schumann frequency is also used in certain brainwave entrainment audio products, using binaural beats. The frequency corresponds to high Theta waves (dream state), close to Alpha waves (waking, relaxed state).

Please note that Philip Stein first used Teslar chips in 2003, in conjunction with a company called Teslar Inside Corpration (formerly www.teslar.com), as mentioned above. The Teslar technology was invented by Ilonka Harezi, who presumably licensed it to or founded Teslar Inside Corporation. www.ilonkaharezi.com/bio

Since 2008, Phiip Stein no longer used Teslar chips in its products but instead used a technology called Natural Frequency Technology. Philip Stein do not refer to the actual phasing out of Teslar chips by name, nor do they refer to the previous technology as 'Teslar' but as Electromagnetic Frequency Technology. Their marketing banner and strap line changed from 'Philip Stein - Teslar' to Philip Stein - Natural Frequencies Inside'. There are no doubt commercial reasons for this, but it does appear to be somewhat cynical marketing representation. Philip Stein claim that their new technology uses the same 7-9 Hertz. I am not aware whether the NFT technology is as good as Teslar, and the change is probably a licensing issue rather than an improvement per se. Statements regarding this can be found at the links below.


Philip Stein Repair Statement

The Philip Stein web site used to contain some quotes from doctors who have conducted patient tests with Teslar coils, including Dr Valerie Hunt, Dr Rima E. Laibow, Dr Doris J. Rapp, Dr Hyla Cass, Dr Nyjon Eccles, Dr John E. Upledger and Dr Hildegarde Staninger. Further information is also available in the product literature that comes with the Teslar device itself. Teslar devices were worn by US athletes during training for the 2004 Olympics to speed up recovery times.

Philip Stein have information regarding a Clinical Trial conducted on the NFT technology here:


The Schumann Resonance is a standing-wave phenomenon that occurs as electromagnetic waves travel around the Earth in the concentric spherical cavity between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere (like through a waveguide). Determined by the speed of light (as all photons that make up various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation are bound by) and the circumference of the earth (the length of the waveguide), this Schumann Resonance averages about 7.8 Hertz (with minor fluctuations rarely exceeding +/- 0.5 Hz). It is to this average earth frequency that Philip Stein have designed the frequency envelope of their products. They designed for 7 to 9 hertz because it both replicates this Schumann Resonance and because it also mimics the range of brain wave frequencies in the Alpha and Theta ranges, those typically associated with calmness, relaxation, and peacefulness.

Schumann Resonance is defined at the NCEDC web site below. Here, scientists at the University of California Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) have measured the Schumann Resonance daily since 1986.


Schumann Resonance is defined on Wikipedia below and the other link below.



Tesla coil is defined at Wikipedia below.


The Philip Stein Teslar range consists of dual dial GMT quartz watches, chronographs and also bracelets.

Each watch contains 2 Teslar 'chips', which are powered by the watch battery in each 'watch'. Effectively it is two quartz watches in one case.

The Teslar 'chips' are on the back of the watch case and the watch is worn on the left arm (even for left handed people), with the watch on the top of the wrist/forearm. The bracelet version actually contains two quartz watch movements in addition to the two Teslar chips in the two largest central links, which are worn on the top of the left wrist.

It is claimed by the inventor that it has the most beneficial effect in the majority of people on the left arm (because it stimulates the Triple Burner meridian according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). Another possible explanation is that the left side of the body has a 'positive Pulsor' polarity according to Pulsor theory, whilst the left has a negative Pulsor polarity. I noticed no difference which wrist I wore it on personally but my naturopath muscle tested me with it on both wrists and apparently I was strong with it on my left wrist but weak with it on my right wrist.

Because the Pulsor polarity is the same on both the left arm and left leg, I had my naturopath muscle test me to see if I got the same effect from the Teslar bracelet by keeping it in my left trouser or tracksuit pocket rather than wearing it on my left wrist. She confirmed that both were as strong as each other. So putting your Teslar watch or bracelet in your left (deep) trouser pocket is an alternative to keeping it on your left wrist.

The Teslar 'chips' are stimulated by the pulsed mangetic field from the watch movement, one in each of the two Teslar bracelet links. The Teslar 'chip' is essentially just a thin rectangular piece of copper that has had its atoms energetically altered or conditioned (allegedly) - a type of conditioning that is permanent. You can see this if you change the batteries yourself. There is no chip as such, no electronic circuit in the actual Teslar 'chip'. However, if you were to replace it with an ordinary piece of copper, you would probably notice no effect at all. Any darkening of the Teslar 'chip' is just copper oxide forming on the outside of the strip and can be cleaned off yourself if you take the piece apart or have Philip Stein do it for you.

In order to determine whether the battery in either of the watch movements has run out in the bracelet version, there is a small window on the top of each central link showing a tiny second hand. When this stops running then the battery in that link has run out and needs replacing. Philip Stein's agents charge a large sum of money to change the batteries, and do not polish the bracelet or watch, so unless you are particularly bothered about water resistance, you can change the batteries yourself for £2 - and if you have silicon grease, you can clean and lubricate the o-ring seal.

The bracelet version is available in rubber strap or metal bracelet links versions - like the watch. The bracelet needs to be worn tight (like a watch) in order to stop the Teslar units from slipping to the bottom of your wrist and hanging there, although physical contact with the wrist is not strictly necessary, as long as they are close. The metal links bracelet is quite slim and form fitting compared with the rubber strap bracelet which is bulkier and thicker, and which has a folding clasp which digs into the wrist when one's arm is resting on the table top. This may be avoided by wearing the rubber bracelet upside down, with the teslar devices facing the bottom of the wrist. You can also buy leather straps for the rubber bracelet model. Otherwise just buy a Teslar watch, or use an alternative suggested below.

The Philip Stein stainless steel bracelet (front view) is shown below. Note the two watch movements in the middle.

The Philip Stein stainless steel bracelet (rear view) is shown below. Note the two Teslar chips in the middle.

The Philip Stein rubber strap bracelet (front view) is shown below. Note the two watch movements in the middle.

The Philip Stein rubber strap bracelet (rear view) is shown below. Note the two Teslar chips in the middle.

The Chronograph version of the watch is very long, and as a result may not sit so comfortably on the wrist as it may be wider than one's actual wrist diameter! Have a look in the metal to and try one on to see what you like best.

Teslar watches are claimed to be water resistant and shower-proof and for swimming (water resistant to 3 or 5 bars), but it is probably better to take them off for such activities! They are supposed to be worn 24 hours a day. If you already own a magnetic wrist band, such as the Magno-Pulse wrist band described above, you may wish to try alternating between wearing the Teslar bracelet/watch and the magnetic wrist band, wearing each device perhaps 2 days before swapping, so that the body does not get used to either one. Or try wearing the 2nd device for brief periods and gradually increasing the time being worn every day (described at the end of the introduction section on this page). Whilst Philip Stein claims that both types of device can be worn simultaneously, I recommend a cautious approach as too much detoxification can be rather unpleasant and draining!

In December 2005, First Berkeley Capital Corp. donated 2,738 Papal Vatican Millennium Teslar commemorative watches to the St Michael Parish in Canfield, USA. These were sold by the Catholic Parish to raise funds - and so one can assume the Teslar technology came with the approval of the Catholic Church - given the branding also. These watches only had one Teslar 'chip' in them (and no fancy window on the back of the watch like on a Philip Stein watch).


I have found Teslar devices to assist with restoring better sleep patterns, and getting back to sleep after awakening during the night. In particular, this has been beneficial after a serious of OAPD sessions and having stopped taking adrenal stimulating herbs. Many people who do not have chronic fatigue have reported feeling generally more relaxed whilst wearing the Teslar devices.

I have found that if one has a localised wrist injury, then by wearing one's Teslar wrist band on that afflicted wrist, the healing process is much accelerated. This is probably also applicable when wearing a magnetic wrist band or patch/bandage on an injury site.

After several years of use, I would have to say that whilst still effective, the effect is not as pronounced as it first was.

One criticism of Teslar watches and bracelets, or equivalent, is that they are as 'dirty' in EM terms as any other Quartz Analogue watch, in that they produce a pulsed magnetic field every second - if not more, as you are effectively wearing multiple Quartz watches at once (two watch movements in one Philip Stein watch or bracelet. Teslar watches however do produce a beneficial Schumann pulse also, apparently, however this cannot be detected by an EMF meter. Only the Quartz pulse can be detected by EMF meter. It is on the lower side for a Quartz Analogue watch. One has to wonder which is stronger. There is no doubt that Teslar or equivalent products work, but they are not perfect. Some purists may also dislike wearing metallic jewelry.

The exact number of Teslar chips required to be worn at any one time may vary according to the individual. Some people may get enough benefit from wearing just the one chip. Other people may benefit from as many as 3 or 4, or even 6! The usual is two, as found in Philip Stein jewelry. The effects of the Teslar chips being worn or static magnetic wrist bands may well be amplified whilst laying on a magnetic sleep pad, such as the Magnetico Sleep Pad described above, creating a much greater sense of wellbeing.

Philip Stein products are very expensive and a viable alternative is to buy an EIP (conditioned aluminium) purple plate pendant or disk and to put it on the back of your analogue quartz watch. This would be 20 times cheaper if you already have the quartz watch and you can then use the watch of your choosing rather than the rather odd looking PS designs. I actually crafted a single bracelet out of 3 Philip Stein bracelets (two metal bracelets and one rubber bracelet) - with the help of a screwdriver, some short spring bars and a splitter-style lug pin. It contains 6 Teslar units (i.e. 6 copper plates and 6 watch movements) so is quite powerful. I had my naturopath muscle test me on this bracelet, compared with a small watch with an EIP pendant on the back, and she informed me that the EIP/Watch combination was 90% as strong as the triple Philip Stein bracelet! EIP also sell large plates that can be used to stand on or even put in the fridge etc. They are quite powerful.

A link to Purple Plates (EIP) is shown below. They also sell a watch with an EIP plate behind the watch face. Other sellers sell such watches, calling them 'Tesla watches' etc.

http://www.purpleplates.com/ Please see the section below on Combining EM Devices for information on combining different products or a number of/amount of/exposure duration to the same product, and managing the optimum level of stimulation of the body's EM field and detoxification.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, a.k.a. PEMF Therapy or PEMFT, is a type of therapy that uses low frequency magnetic fields to stimulate cellular and bone repair, accelerate healing, increase blood circulation, and suppress pain and inflammatory responses. It is primarily used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of fractures. It has also been used to treat depression. NASA has also conducted studies evaluating PEMFT and found it did result in increased healing rates. The use of PEMFT is still not widely known by medical practitioners.


PEMFT in recent years has been used to assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of a wide variety of conditions, including CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia.

The NASA Study, is listed below.



Types of PEMFT device vary, but most consist of a wave/frequency generating unit, a mat for whole body treatment and/or an applicator for localised treatment. The types of wave and frequency, intensity as well as features vary.

Probably the best device on the market is the iMRS, by MediConsult GmbH, which I have personally purchased and use regularly. This uses a sawtooth pulse waveform for the mat which has a broad frequency spectrum which is reputed to work more effectively than a simple sine waveform. There are two applicators, for localised treatment, a pad, which is large enough to rest your feet on, which comes included with the device, and an optional applicator rod. Both applicators use a square waveform, which according to NASA is the most effective waveform for repair from physical trauma. It also has utilises the principles of the Chinese organ clock, and adjusts the frequency used according to four time bands (a simplification of the Chinese organ clock). The iMRS has a build in clock. It also has a 'sensitive' setting for first use amongst EMF sensitive individuals. Intensity adjustment is in steps rather than fully adjustable. The timer offers 3 settings, 8-16-24 minutes. The unit intensity and session duration is upgradeable by SD card (from intensity 200% to 400% and from timer from 24 minutes to 60 minutes). It also has a number of accessories. When I first started using the unit, I could only use it on the minimum setting, or I would feel very strange, feel fatigued and have palpitations. It is not as draining as FIR saunas (physically) but is still physically demanding if used on too high a setting or at times of the day when you are weaker.

http://www.imrs.com More information on the iMRS techonlogy can be found at MediConsult's other web site:


A web site reviewing several PEMFT devices is listed below, the presumably indepedent author has a strong preference for the MRS2000 and its recent replacement, the iMRS.


John Kelsey of BioEnergyProducts and BioEnergyPartnership personally recommends and sells the Medithera. This does not appear to be quite as adaptable as the iMRS with its four freqnency settings (according to time of day), but otherwise I cannot comment on its performance. It is slightly cheaper than the iMRS but not as upgradeable.


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Products that Emit Negative Ions:

There are a number of products on the market that emit negative ions. These are usually either based on minerals and crystals, typically Tourmaline or Amethyst, which can be worn as jewelry as bracelets or necklaces; or in Detox Foot Patches, which (normally) use Tourmaline along with a number of other materials. Tourmaline and other minerals have been scientifically tested and proven to emit large numbers of negative ions. Whilst the foot patches appear to provide a more intense negative ion stimulation, they are also only worn typically for 6-8 hours a day and require washing of the feet afterwards, and can become very expensive if used daily for long periods. Jewelry on the other hand can be worn 24 hours a day and can be purchased relatively inexpensively and is a one off purchase. The above items are discussed in more depth on the Detoxification page, in the Detoxification page.

Because they are worn on the surface of the skin, they may have a much greater effect that simply using an air ioniser. Negative ion stimulation works in a slightly different manner than those described above (i.e. magnetic wrist bands, EMF pulses - Teslar), but they seem to stimulate the blood circulation and lympathatic system, but also provide slightly more nervous system stimulation. Sensations that follow negative ion stimulation may include an increased feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation, perhaps in the legs or on the soles of one's feet. Too much stimulation (in any one part of the body) may result in a strange sensation and inability to sleep - if this is experienced, simply cease stimulation or reduce the number of negative ion emitting items worn.

A product called a Bio-Mat contains Amethyst crystals as well as silicon and semi-conductor heating plates. It is said to produce both FIR and negative ions.


Beneficial effects of negative ions (as emitted by detox foot patches) are documented in a variety of research papers and studies. Negative ions seem to stimulate the nervous system and also may have an anti-oxidative effect.



Grounded For Life are manufacturers of (electronic) negative ion emitting sleep pads. I have not personally tried them but they may provide a similar effect to the detox foot patches, except without the toxin absorption properties. Details can be found on the links page.

A number of other light-based therapies and negative ion treatments are examined on the Detox Protocols page.

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Air and Water Ioniser and Purification Products:

There are a variety of ioniser products available on the marketplace. The intention is to recreate the natural ion content of fresh spring water and fresh air (e.g. sea air or woodland air) from filtered or purified water and the air inside one's home, office or car. Whilst the ion content may be similar or higher to the 'natural source', the electromagnetic signature may not necessarily or likely be equivalent. The types of ions emitted from air ionisers vary, but the cheaper ionisers tend to emit ozone.

Most air ionisers contain metal plates which accumulate dirt which is removed from the air, which require occasional cleaning. Some models contains a fan, others do not. Where there is poor air circulation, an air ioniser may produce a tiny amount of ozone (an oxidising agent), which may give off a smell similar to Chlorine. It is best to set the air ioniser to a low setting in a low circulatory environment.

Cheap air ionisers I have found to be fairly useless, cases break easily (when taking apart for cleaning) and stink of ozone constantly from the start or after a few months of use when they get clogged up with dust.

When choosing a model to suit your needs it is best to look at the specifications and instructions - room size, positioning, appearance, power consumption, whether it ionises, filters or heats the air, maintenance required, replacement parts cost and frequency etc.

The best type of air ioniser and purifier product that I've tried to date is by a company called Waterwise (who produce water distillers also). The product is called Airwise and uses UV and a catalyst to produce negative ions that kill bacteria and fungi and react with dust particles, sending them falling to the ground. There is normally a slight smell of ozone when the device is first turned on in a room but as the air is cleaned, the smell tends to go away. I noticed the smell more when I first started using them but don't at all now. The light filament is rather expensive and needs to be replaced annually (if run 24/7). Medium power consumption, around 40W. The unit is supposed to be placed high up in a room, on a shelf or similar. There is no fan and air is drawn in by convention from the rear and emerges from the front. The grill on the front has slats pointing down, so the unit does emit some light but it is mostly pointing diagonally downwards. It will light up your bedroom very slightly at night but there is no bright LED or similar which would probably be worse (although you could at least cover that up with tape). I got used to the dim light. The small room model is probably most suitable for most homes, although it will only really cover one room, so you need multiple units for the main rooms in the house, e.g. living room, bedroom and kitchen. Mercola.com sells the same model with the Mercola branding, but only sells the Medium Room size. However it is the model he personally recommends (which is why he is selling it presumably, rather than he recommends it because he is selling it ;-)


Other air ionising products I have looked into or tried out include:

Ionised water (more heavily ionised in other words) is more alkaline in nature and possesses greater anti-oxidant properties than normal tap water (which has passed through half a dozen or so people's bodies before reaching your tap). It may help to restore proper pH balance in the body. Water ionisers usually come in the form of combined water ionisers and purifiers, and may contain sophisticated filtration and purification cartridges (consumable items). Flow rate and digital displays etc. may vary between models. Water ionisers require installation to one's plumbing under the sink in the kitchen (to the cold water pipe that feeds the cold water tap). They usually come with a switch to turn the ioniser on or off, in the case of wanting plain filtered tap water.

Some suppliers of such products are listed on the links page.

According to some sources, alkaline water should not be used in stainless steel, aluminium or copper utensils or particularly pots and pans (when heated). Ceramic or pyrex pots and pans can be used instead for such applications.

Water ionisers were first commercially built and tested in the 1950s in Japan. Since then, they have been approved as medical devices in Japan and South Korea. The market for water ionisers only really took off in the 1990s.


Some limited research has highlighted potential health risks associated with drinking alkaline ionised water (AKW). Test data is based upon dosing rats with AKW, with results showing a degradation of myocardiac myosin and creatine kinase, and an increase in necrosis and fibrosis of the myocardium (heart muscle). Whether this is a direct result of the alkaline ionised water, an excessive volume consumed, and/or the effect of the food intake (being also alkaline?) is something I am not certain about.


Such patterns have not been observed in human testing, and some commentators have claimed that the above experiment involved the use of a faulty water ioniser. Cardiac problems and CFS is discussed in more detail on the Cardiac Insufficiency page. Some doctors, e.g. Dr Paul Cheney believes that its consumption may decrease cardiac efficiency in the short term.

Acidosis and Alkalosis are discussed on the Acidosis page.

Do I recommend alkaline ionised water? Well, I am not fully convinced either way. I am quite happy with my I-Water/I-H2O device and would perhaps recommend this (in conjunction with a filtration/non-ionising purification system e.g. a Berkey) to anyone interested in this area. A water purification system however might be higher on one's priority list initially.

There is considerable debate over whether distilled or reverse osmosis produced water is actually healthy or not. This is pure water with no mineral content whatsoever. However, pure water (pH 7) very readily absorbs nutrients from anything it comes into contact with, and of course carbon dioxide dissolves and makes it acidic (sometimes bringing the pH down to around 5.5). This is why it is used on soft drinks manufacturing, so it can absorb as much CO2 as possible, and thus be 'fizzier' and have a longer shelf life in plastic bottles (which the CO2 permeates through over time). Water that is produced by reverse osmosis systems tends to be slightly on the acidic side. Reverse osmosis systems do not use a filter but use a membranes with electrodes that draw all the electrolytes to the other side of the membrane. Most water ionisation systems use sophisticated filtration cartridges and well as electrodes to ionise the water. The raised pH of alkaline or ionised water generally comes from the Magnesium and Calcium ion content. Some reverse osmosis water purification systems actually remineralise the water after the reverse osmosis step, in order to raise the pH and put in beneficial mineral salts.

Some arguments against reverse osmosis water purification systems can be found at the links below. These tend to focus on the fact that although pure water can be beneficial when consumed for short periods of time, in the long term it draws minerals out of the tissues, resulting in demineralisation or mineral deficiencies.



Some arguments for reverse osmosis water purification systems can be found at the links below. These tend to focus on the fact that one does not rely on one's drinking water for one's mineral requirements, and that the reverse is true - that drinking deionised water actually helps the body absorb minerals more easily from one's food etc. However this is a double-edged argument. As drunk without food, it may presumably have the reverse effect. The arguments also tend to focus on the unwanted minerals in typical water samples that can result in kidney stones etc. Thus it is considered sensible to only take in the minerals in one's water that one actually wishes or needs to absorb for nutritional purposes. Of course kidney stones can be dissolved with certain herbs.






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Passive/Static Magnetic Products:

Another way of doing this is to use a passive magnetic product, which acts in the background on a continual basis. You may not however want to use magnetic products to completely replace any of the above therapies, but to work with them. In general, a beneficial field is a static negative field, which can be verified by a compass (North points to the negative (beneficial) side, South points to the positive (detrimental) side, or with a pocket gaussmeter. One should avoid contact or close proximity with the positive/detrimental side of the product as much as possible. Magnetic products are not really suited for 24 hour usage as the body presumably needs to return to its own field regularly rather than have one imposed on it round the clock. There are differences between the way these products work however, as you can see below.
Magnetico Sleep Pads

A unidirectional field, acting to increase the background earth's magnetic field, may increase the energetic state of atoms and molecules in the body, thereby increasing the energy and efficiency of the body's biochemical processes. There are two main sources of magnetism for the body, the earth and the brain. Magnetic resonance occurs when the brain's pulsed magnetic frequency matches that of the organs and thereby creates resonance, greatly increasing the efficiency of organs and processes such as healing.

The earth's magnetic field is unidirectional (i.e. sometimes referred to as 'DC', and not an alternating magnetic field or 'AC' - these terms are usually restricted to describing electrical currents). The earth's magnetic field is negative in the Northern Hemisphere and positive in the Southern Hemisphere. According to some sources, for example, Dr Dean Bonlie of Magnetico Sleep, the background magnetic field of the earth has been estimated to have dropped by 80% over the last 4000 years. However, according to Wikipedia (citation unknown), the magnetic field strength of the Earth was at maximum 35% greater than that at present 2000 years ago. There has been a measured 10-15% decline in the Earth's magnetic field in the last 150 years. The magnetic field of the earth is thought to reverse every 100,000 years or more (randomly).


In addition, with increasing electro-magnetic interference in the home and in working environments, increased disruption to the body's background magnetic field occurs. The theory is that simulating the 'restoration of the earth's previous background magnetic field strength' by using unidirectional magnetic sleep pads acts to restore the 'true background magnetic field'. The use of unidirectional negative magnetic fields (in the Northern Hemisphere) has been observed (by me) to have virtually resolved long standing conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other auto-immune and nervous system disorders in some patients using no supplementation whatsoever.

According to Dr Dean Bonlie, negative magnetic fields are beneficial, because as stated above, they increase the 'natural former magnetic field of the earth (in the Northern Hemisphere), but also increase the electrical mobility of positive ions (cations) in the body, in particular toxic metal elements, which are reputed to be more easily mobilised for excretion by the body's normal detoxification processes. Negative unidirectional magnetic fields are also alleged to generally improve your body's electrical/biochemical processes so they become more efficient.

A field strength of 5-10 gauss is more than adequate for this purpose. They comprise of an insert to place under your mattress in your bed, containing magnets. As of October 2006, there is only one manufacturer of unidirectional magnetic sleep pads, Magnetico. Magnetico Sleep Pads are based on Magnetic Molecular Energiser (MME) technology, created by Dr Dean Bonlie, President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. These come in either 10 gauss or 20 gauss versions. There are many such products on the market place, virtually all using bipolar magnetic fields (linear or circular) and vary in their effectiveness and appropriateness, depending on the individual, the technology used and the magnetic field of the part of the globe where you live.

Whilst I believe that unidirectional magnetic products can be very useful, and have used such a product myself for several years (at the time of writing), the body did appear to get used to it after 4-5 months. Before then I experienced tingling whilst on the bed which lasted for many hours after getting up. I have found that after the body has gotten used to the mattress, some parts of the initial tingling sensation can be felt if exposing surfaces of the body (with the most acupuncture points) to the mattress), as strangely they are not stimulated to any significant degree if not directly facing the mattress and in close contact with it.

Magnetico Sleep claim that in tests, no negative effects were observed in much stronger magnetic fields, and I myself have experimented with this a little, and simply observed a return of the initial sensation I had when using the products at the lower, standard strength, for a few months or so. Regarding the detoxification claims, I believe that it is probably true to some extent, although there are other types of electromagnetic stimulation which appear to provide more efficient detoxification results, which are discussed elsewhere on this page. Unidirectional magnetic field products seem to be most beneficial for those suffering from disorders involving pain or auto-immune diseases, and perhaps slightly less so with CFS cases, although still beneficial for the latter.

A magnetic sleep pad of any type is designed to be used on a symmetrically placed body. That is to say, it is designed for sleeping on one's back, sitting on to read, or if one sleeps on one's side, to sleep equally on both sides. If one sleeps habitually on one side only, e.g. on one's right side if has cardiac symptoms that prevent sleeping on the left, then because the magnetic field strength decreases with distance, one will be stimulating one side of the body more than the other. One may then develop a relative weakness in the cells on one side of the body (whilst lying on the magnetic sleep pad or in general). This is something to bear in mind. I also found that lying on one's back with one's knees bent and soles of the feet on the mattress would provide a kind of energising effect or stimulating effect on the nervous system on the soles of the feet and lower legs, that would last for hours afterwards, even when used to the sleep pad, not unlike that from using detox foot patches or using a FIR sauna on one's feet.

The strength of the magnetic field does increase greatly below the surface of the mattress, i.e. the parts where your body weight means you sink into it, so that field is by no means even over the length of the body, even when lying on one's back.

More information about unidirectional magnetic fields can be found at the web site below, in the origins and validation sections.


Additional articles written by Dr Dean Bonlie are included below also. A final article by European Biology and Bioelectromagnetics journal is listed below also.




The general theory around the use of negative unidirectional magnetic fields does however raise some general ethnographic questions. If negative fields in general are deemed to be beneficial for the body in general, on account of the respective electrical charge of particles in the body regardless of where you live, and conversely positive unidirectional magnetic fields are reputed to be detrimental to one's health, then one has to ask the question of whether it is therefore healthier to live in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern Hemisphere! The manufacturers of said products do not generally make claims about use in the Southern Hemipshere, but presumably, the said products would still offer benefit for people in the Southern Hemisphere by decreasing the effect of the Earth's natural positive magnetic field, and boosting the negative field. After all, wherever you are born and what your body is used to, the electrical charge of freely moving Cations do not change! If this is the case, and as the magnetic field strength of the said products exceeds the earth's natural magnetic field strength, then it would be possible to induce a true negative magnetic field in the Southern Hemisphere. These are interesting questions that would demand further studies and comment from the manufacturers of these products. I have contacted Magnetico Sleep with regards to this matter but has at the time of writing not had any response or comment back. Sticking to recommendations about the Northern Hemisphere alone is perhaps a way of avoiding this whole debate. However, seeing as it affects half of the world's population (assuming equal distribution North and South), then you would think it would be required or highly desirable for a number of reasons.

Some practitioners believe that such magnetic sleep pad devices are most beneficial for those experiencing pain or similar neurological issues, but in those simply with fatigue, may override their body's natural EM field. This may be beneficial for a while, but eventually the body may need to find it's own magnetic field balance and once should desist usage of such a device. Opinion is however divided. One may wish to experiment, after having had/used such a device for a long time, taking one week on and one week off and see if you feel generally better (whilst off it) for the time you spent not sleeping on it.

Some natural health commentators, including Joseph Mercola, advise against any metallic objects in the bed or bed frame, as it may concentrate electromagnetic radiation to a foot above the surface of the mattress. This mainly refers to metallic bed frames that are popular in the West. However, a Magneticosleep or similar magnetic bed pad includes a large number of magnets, and may possibly have a similar effect.

Be aware that the Magnetico Sleep Pads come in American sizes and so for Europeans purchasing and importing such a sleep pad, they may want to review which size will work best for their bedstead/mattress combination. Ideally the mattress should be the same size as the sleep pad, and if you are replacing your bed and mattress, you may want to consider buying a custom-size (to match an American size).

The strength of the magnetic field at the surface of the mattress (that lies on top of the sleep pad) is 10 or 20 gauss depending on which version you have purchased. The 20 gauss version is effectively two 10 gauss sleep pads on top of one another. This is the version that I would recommend. Please note that this is the field strength that the entire body lies in. When being positioned, magnetic attraction 'snaps' them together so it is difficult to reposition them once the top layer is placed over the bottom layer. At the top surface of the sleep pad, the strength of the field can be up to 1000 gauss, but with positive peaks interspersed. When the sleep pads are rolled up and stored in their boxes, the strength can be up to 300 gauss.

You may find that if you wear a magnetic wrist band or Teslar watch whilst on this sleep pad, the effect and level of electromagnetic field stimulation will be amplified whilst you are laying on the bed.

If you are used to wearing a watch in bed, and you decide to use a magnetic sleep pad, then you may want to bear the following in mind. Although 10-20 gauss is quite low in relative terms, it may be enough to gently magnetise a mechanical watch, so that it might gain 10-20 seconds per day more than it did before. This isn't really that desirable. However, a mechanical watch can be demagnetised using a cheap device. In contrast, a quartz watch can be worn without any noticeable gain whatsoever at this level. I have even found that one of his quartz watches had its battery charged up by wearing it whilst in bed! However, Quartz watches do give out a very short magnetic pulsed field every second when the second hand moves. Digital watches do not do this although a much reduced constant background field is noted (unless you activate the backlight or alarm in which case the magnetic field output is constant and generally in excess of that of the ticking of an analogue quartz watch.

Some useful web sites that define the relationship between Tesla, Gauss and A/m are listed below. Strictly speaking, Gauss and Tesla are measures of Magnetic Flux Density, whereas Oersted and Ampere-Turns/Metre are measures of Magnetic Force Field (Intensity). I summarise the conversions below also.



1 Oersted = 80 Amperes/metre (A/m)

1 gauss (G) = 0.0001 Tesla or 0.1mT= 80 Amperes/metre (A/m)

10 gauss(G) = 1mT

20 gauss (G) = 2mT

1000 gauss (G) = 100mT = 80,000 A/m (magnetic 'resistance' of mechanical watches that contain a soft inner iron casing)

60 gauss (G) = 6mT = 4,800 A/m (DIN8309, standard magnetic 'resistance' of most Swiss and Japanese automatic movements)

125 gauss (G) = 12.5mT = 10,000 A/m (magnetic resistance of many Quartz movements)

The magnetic rating of a watch is the highest magnetic field strength tolerated without gaining or losing more than 30 seconds a day (which is really quite dreadful for anything other than an antique watch). So even being within this field strength is no guarantee of accurate time keeping!

Many products use a bipolar magnetic field (not a unidirectional positive or negative field), creating a stress response in the body for healing at an injury site or energy blockage site, in some respects like acupuncture. This calls upon the body's emergency healing stores to send energy (qi) to where it is needed for healing. These products may be fine to use for very short periods, but if used continually (i.e. a sleep pad is used 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week) may make the whole body an 'injury site' and may over time drain the body's energy reserves, making some patients (who have low energy reserves to start with, e.g. CFS sufferers or those with related conditions) more ill and weaker, and accelerating their illness. This appears to only affect 30% or so of such patients. This may not be an issue for healthy people with minor muscle injuries etc. Where a person wears bipolar magnetic jewelry or pads/supports, and only for short periods and not 24 hours a day, this may not be such an issue and may provide some benefits, depending on the individual.

Other static magnetic products take the form of pendants or bracelets that you can wear. The usual gauss rating for medical magnetic wristbands is between 450 and 10,000 gauss. 450 is deemed to be the minimum to have an effect on the adult human body. Wristbands are clearly worn on the wrist, with the magnets on the underside of the wrist, adjacent to the veins. In this manner may help to increase the magnetic field of molecules and cells in the blood, which is subsequently circulated to organs and tissues around the body. Two examples are described below.

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Magno-Pulse Wrist Bands

Magno-Pulse are a manufacturer of powerful magnetic bracelets. These can be worn on the wrist by those with EM deficiencies to provide a beneficial EM field which helps to rebalance the body's EM imbalances and strengthen the body's natural, healthy EM field. Magno-Pulse bracelets have been tested by Dr Nyjon Eccles on a random set of subjects with favourable results. The Magno-Pulse wrist bands are approximately 2000 gauss at the surface where they touch the wrist. They are worn on the inside of the wrist close to the veins. A stronger version called 'Boost' is also available. Please see the Magno-Pulse web site for more information.


A picture of a Magno-Pulse wrist band is shown below.

The side of the plastic box housing the magnet that touches the skin is said to be strongly negative. This can be tested by holding a compass close to the inside of the magnet and North should point to it. Correspondingly, the outside of the black plastic magnet holder that faces away from the wrist is positive and one can test this with a compass, the South side of the needle should point towards the outside. Similarly, one can test the above with a Gaussmeter.

One drawback to wearing magnetic wristbands in general is that the outside generates a strong detrimental magnetic field, and as such one should be aware of where one's wrists are when wearing it so that one does not hold that side of the magnet against the torso etc. Testing the Magno-Pulse with a Guassmeter, there is a very strong magnetic field on the outside of the magnet compartment which extrudes many centimetres so one would ideally not sit with one's hands in one's lap, even if they palms of the hand are pointing upwards as the belly is still within the field. Also, palms down in one's lap, the magnets are very close to one's testicles if one has a pair that is. This is unlikely to do them any good either. Also, if one is not careful it is easy to magnetise one's automatic watch by accident if it comes too close. So if you are going to wear such a device, be careful as it may end up doing you as much harm as good.

I found that the first time I wore the Magno-Pulse wrist band, I experienced severe fatigue for the first 24 hours, which subsequently disappeared after a day or so. Please see the section below on Combining EM Devices for information on combining different products or a number of/amount of/exposure duration to the same product, and managing the optimum level of stimulation of the body's EM field and detoxification.

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Bioflow Wrist Bands

Ecoflow are a manufacturer of Bioflow magnetic bracelets that use Central Reverse Polarity (CRP), which is a circular N magnet with a circular S magnet around the outside. These bracelets and wristbands are in the range of 1000 to 2000 gauss. It is claimed to produce a unique magnetic field that has a similar effect of a pulsed field without emitting any electromagnetic resonance. I never experienced any detoxification symptoms whilst wearing a Bioflow magnetic bracelet.


Some suppliers of such products are listed on the links page.
Combining EM Devices for information on combining different products or a number of/amount of/exposure duration to the same product, and managing the optimum level of stimulation of the body's EM field and detoxification.
Combining EM Devices:

As a general rule, the magnetic devices and products listed above stimulate the body's electromagnetic field and the electromagnetic signature of the body's cells. This helps to promote better biochemical and electrical functioning. One aspect of this increase in the cellular electromagnetic signature is to promote detoxification through the liberation of toxins. This may or may not be noticeable depending on the overall extent of stimulation. The greater the electromagnetic stimulation, the greater the ability for the cells and lymphatic system to liberate toxins, for removal by the liver. When one is in the 'zone' one may experience the optimum level of electromagnetic field stimulation and a sense of wellbeing, with no noticeable detoxification effects (although there may be some). If one increases the level of stimulation beyond this, then one will experience detoxification symptoms and an increased level of detoxification. However, most devices have only been tested in isolation and one per user, and the effect of multiple devices is largely untested, so clearly combining devices is done entirely at the user's own risk.

I have noticed, through empirical observation and experimentation, that the greater the extent of electromagnetic deficiency, the greater the number of toxins the body seems to hold on to. At any one time the body seems to be in an equilibrium state whereby the level of the body's electromagnetic field determines the extent by which toxins are retained. Therefore, if an electromagnetic field stimulating product is introduced to the vicinity of the body for the first time (and worn 24 hours a day), for example, the body's electromagnetic field will go through the greatest change in the first 12-48 hours or so. This will be accompanied by an associated increase in detoxification activity, whereby the cells lose more toxins on account of their increased electromagnetic state, and the lymphatic system probably also liberates toxins that had been clogged up previously. This can result in a feeling of fatigue, a headache and perhaps a firming up of stools during the first day or two or wearing the device. If these detoxification symptoms are excessive (for example, chronic headaches, total exhaustion, constipation, the 'shakes', then you may want to remove that additional device, and reintroduce it gradually again when you are feeling better. Whilst detoxing, it is of course important to drink sufficient water.

A detoxification headache should ideally come on slowly towards the end of one's session and feel 'fuzzy' in nature. If the headache takes on a 'sharp' nature, then this is a sign that one has overdone it, either in this session, or not allowed enough recovery time since the last session. Such a headache will only become worse and worse until it becomes totally unbearable. It will most likely not remain constant and manageable or imporve. In addition, severe fatigue often sets in. It is best not to wait until this point, but to immediately remove the EM stimulating device if you sense any of these more adverse symptoms. If you do not remove the device at this stage, the sharp headache will become much worse and you may need to take at least 1-2 days off before starting again.

The electromagnetic field stimulation and detoxification can again be increased by adding another device (e.g. a Teslar, Tourmaline Jewelry item, or Magno-Pulse device). Because the extent of stimulation can only be increased incrementally (e.g. doubled), and not gradually, like detoxification supplementation dosages, then it may be prudent to try wearing 2nd device (for example) only for short periods, and gradually increasing the amount of time they are worn each day, until the body has finished it's initial period of detoxification, and the devices can all be worn at once, 24 hours a day, comfortably. This may take days, weeks or up to 6 months. If the body is continuously over-stimulated, and there are many toxins present, then the patient may experience excessive detoxification symptoms and may feel totally wiped out for several days, until the equilibrium is reached and the body has cleared all the toxins and recovered from the effects of over-release of toxins into the blood at once (e.g. mitochondrial, adrenal, etc.) You may find it useful to keep a daily record of how many hours you have worn additional EM devices for, so that you can safely and methodically increase the amounts and notice the patterns that emerge.

Please note that 'normal' detoxification symptoms may be noticed whilst within one's envelope, for example, acne or boils appearing on the head and greatly increased smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Please note that the severity of detoxification and the amount of time it takes to complete the initial phase of detoxification when adding the first device may not be the same as that for adding the second device of the same type. For example, I did not experience any noticeable detoxification symptoms when wearing 2 Teslar chips, but noticed extremely severe detoxification symptoms when wearing 4 Teslar chips after the first 12 hours. If one finds that the additional device is simply too strong, then it may be well to wait until later on in one's detoxification programme before slowly reintroducing it again. If one cannot tolerate an hour a day, on consecutive days or alternate days, then it is probably best to wait a few months before attempting to reintroduce it again. I am not espousing the idea of simply adding more and more wrist bands ad infinitum, but that the patient should seek advice from his practitioner in this respect. It is really a matter of experimentation and seeing how your own body reacts.

If you are introducing a new electromagnetic device, then it is prudent to reduce or avoid any other detoxification supplements and to avoid any detoxification treatment such as PLX, OAPD or FIR saunas (or even phospholipid supplements), as doing so may liberate more toxins that your liver can effectively deal with, bringing on severe detoxification symptoms, including headaches and fatigue. Once you feel you have 'stabilised' and are not experiencing any fatigue or detoxification symptoms, then reintroduce your normal detoxification supplements and/or treatments. Please note that if you have a magnetic sleep pad, then this may amplify the effects of the wrist bands you are weraing whilst laying on the sleep pad.

One does not have to do one's daily wearing of the second device in one go, but it can be broken up, to say one session in the morning and one in the late afternoon. It can start at anything from around 30 minutes a day upwards. If at the start it is too much, one can perhaps wear the second device for a short period every other day or so, until the body adjusts to it. One feels when one has had enough as one begins to develop a fuzzy headache and feel very rough etc. This is a signal to take off the additional wrist band or device. When one starts to feel a little better (e.g. 3 hours later or so), then one could consider putting it back on again for a short while. Try to feel what is going on and don't ignore your body's signals. You may wish to avoid wearing the extra device late in the evening as it may interfere with your ability to sleep. In this way, one could perhaps get to a point where one could wear both wrist bands simultaneously with no ill effect 24 hours a day, perhaps within a month or two. Each person is likely to be different, so experiment and ascertain your comfortable limits. Some other detoxification symptoms may arise over days and weeks, including boils and acne.

When wearing a 2nd EM device, you may find that your body has a limit in terms of the number of hours exposure per day tolerated, but also the number of hours continuous exposure (without a break). So if you are performing 2 sessions per day, with a 3 hour break in between, then both sessions may well need to be of roughly similar length. It is the continuous exposure duration that is most of interest, as if this is gradually increased to 24 hours over a period of a month or two (for example), then eventually you will be continuously wearing the 2nd device and have achieved this goal. If you overdo a single session for over an hour past your comfortable maximum, then you may need to take a day's break or so until your headache disappears. I noticed that I was reaching my maximum for that session as he felt his temperature increasing significantly in the final hour of the session, with headache and fuzziness gradually increasing.

When you are acclimatising to an additional EM device, you may find that when you reach around two sessions of 11 hours a day, that reducing the breaks is very difficult. From here, one has two options: The first option is to stick to one session per day and gradually increase the duration from 11 hours to 12 to 13 etc., until one can do several days without a break. The amount by which you increase each consecutive session will gradually increase also, e.g. when I could do 24 hours in one session, the next session could be 4 hours longer; when I could do 4 day sessions, I could increase the next session by 1 day (it may help to calculate the rough % increase that you can tolerate each time to predict how long your next session will be). You may wish to plan the start time, so that your finish time is not in the middle of the night! As your sessions become longer (e.g. 15 hours+), you may require at least 9-12 hours break in between to allow for sufficient recovery. When you are able to do sessions of a couple of days or more at a time, then you may well require longer breaks in between, for example 18-24 hours, or preferably 24 or more to be conservative. Over time, you will do fewer but longer sessions, and when the duration is sufficiently long, then the liver will be able to accommodate any additional toxins being continuously released from the tissues by the devices, and the user will be finally able to wear it 24/7. Exactly when you arrive at this point will depend on the individual.

The second option is to go back to one hour sessions, and add a third EM device. In the latter scenario, for example, one might wear one EM device 24 hours a day, and for 1 hour per day (to start with), wear an additional 2 EM devices. By the time one can comfortably wear all 3 at once for two sessions of 11 hours per day, then it is perhaps time to try going back to wearing one EM device all day and just adding a second device again and seeing how long you can comfortably wear it for. I noticed that using this method, when I went back to wearing 2 EM devices, I was still not able to wear both 24 hours a day, but that the duration of wearing it comfortably had increased slightly from 12 hours to 18 hours in one stretch. You may find like me that you hit a temporary limit (e.g. 3 day session) which you cannot extend after several sessions. In such a case, just continue with such duration sessions, perhaps 5 or 10 times, until you feel that you can take more. It may well be similar to FIR sauna duration, in that you cannot simplly increase the session duration with each subsequent session, but must remain at one duration for a number of sessions before increasing again. If this does not happen, then all the better. Just remember that if you surpass your limits and develop a headache, simply remove all additional EM devices, and wait until the headache has completely dissipated until trying again.

I have personally noticed that acclimatising to the first EM device (Teslar) was very quick (1-2 days); acclimitising to a second EM device (Teslar) was a long process that took 3-4 months (for sessions up to 3 days in duration); and acclimitising to a third EM device (Magno-Pulse) was very quick (1-2 weeks) - returning to one device during the breaks. The fourth (Magno-Pulse Boost) even more so (although only one long session per day was possible) - also returning to one device during breaks. So perhaps after acclimitising to the second device, most of the necessary stimulation had occurred. However, after returning back to 2 EM devices after this, he found that the total daily duration (one session per day) was not much longer than that for 4 devices. The logic of this is not quite clear to me! But it is clearly a complex issue.

I found that after 3.5 months of stimulation/detoxification using Teslar and Magno-Pulse devices, when returning to FIR sauna usage again, that my sessions could be significantly increased in duration, suggesting that there is a significant degree of overlap in terms of the detoxification capablity of both types of treatment; i.e. having previously very slowly worked up to 22 minutes FIR sauna duration over the period of 10 months, I spent 3.5 months detoxing using EM stimulating wrist bands instead, and when returning to FIR saunas again was able to increase the duration to 70 minutes within just one month, increasing on average by 10 minutes per week. In addition, despite hair analysis perhaps not being the best gauge of heavy metal toxicity, I had found that consecutive hair mineral analysis results over a two and a half year period (one year of chelation and subsequent 10 months of FIR saunas, detox patches and phospholipid therapy) did not show any significant decrease in levels of Mercury or Arsenic (although other heavy metal levels did drop off during the chelation period), although after 3.5 months of using EM stimulating wrist bands, my Mercury level had decreased by 70%. This is nothing short of remarkable! The detoxification protocols of chelation and FIR saunas were clearly removing various different types of toxins, so it is not that they were inefficient by any means, but here we are specifically talking about hair mineral analysis heavy metal results.

I have found Philip Stein Teslar devices and Magno-Pulse Standard wrist bands to be approximately equivalent in strength, and do not appear to 'cancel each other out' when worn in combination (or even two of one type) on the same wrist or on opposite wrists. I also noticed little difference when devices were worn on the left or right wrist, although of course all these observations may not apply to a different individual.

After one has seemingly reached the optimal level of EM stimulation (i.e. addition of new EM stimulating devices only has a slight effect compared with previous), then it may be time to back and wear only one or two continually for an indefinite period. Teslar devices may be preferable, as they do not magnetise your watch when coming into close proximity and may also provide added benefit on account of pulsed bursts rather than constant magnetic field. In addition, it may be that extended use of magnetic wrist bands may use up your emergency energy reserves, although I have no specific information on this and is speculating (see bipolar magnetic fields discussed above.)

Please note that pushing the limits of how much EM stimulation your body (liver) can cope with, in order to stimulate the body's EM field and to detoxify the body, using EM stimulating wrist bands, is similar in many respects to intensively using FIR saunas regularly. The same conservative approach should be adopted. If your energy levels are good, then you could progress and take only the minimum of breaks in between wearing x no. of EM devices. However, if you are run down or unwell, then you may want to consider taking longer breaks in between, or to not push the limits so far, but stay within them. Pushing the limits may stop your energy levels recovering and over months may potentially tire out your body. So it may be wise to pace yourself a little, pay attention to what is going on with the body, and if you happen to over do things in general, then back off a little until your energy levels have recovered. If you have not already done so, please read through the toxicity page for general detoxification tips and managing a detoxification regime.

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One useful application of heavy metals is their ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation, i.e. radiation protection. The heavier the nucleus of the atom, the better the rate of absorption. Lead is frequently used in laboratories or nuclear facilities to line walls and even glass etc. Aluminium, a much lighter metal, can be used to block out beta particles (in thicknesses of a few mm).


Heavy metals also have the property of blocking electric fields. One domestic application might be the use of Aluminium Foil. Aluminium Foil is effectively able to block nearly the entirety of electric fields emitted by mains operated electrical devices and even power sockets themselves, especially so when earthed. We can use this principle to block electric fields in undesirable places. An thin layer of foil, whilst able to block electric fields, is not able to block magnetic fields at all.

For example, if you do not wish to have any harmful electric fields in your bedroom, or at least anywhere in the vicinity of your bed, then you may wish to not use any lamps or similar near your bed, and if you have electric sockets close to your bed (which some regard as convenient and a positive thing), then you can cover them up with Aluminium Foil, perhaps using a little tape to keep the foil in place. One layer is sufficient.


Another example is the use of an Aluminium Foil hat. Whilst this may sound and look somewhat insane (stereotypically associated with eccentric conspiracy theorists obsessed with 'mind control waves'), it may be useful for those persons who spend any significant time directly underneath and in very close proximity to light bulbs, be it in one's home office or in areas where there are low ceilings but with high demands for light (e.g. in a kitchen).


A study by a group of individuals at an MIT laboratory (not believed to be actual MIT graduates) with the assistance of MIT staff, to ascertain the effect of a Aluminium foil hat on exposure to various EM Radiation frequencies between 10kHz (10,000 Hz) and 3GHz (3,000,000,000 Hz), revealed that the Aluminium acted to attenuate (reduce) the amplitude of the radiation at some frequencies but also magnify it at other frequencies (some might incorrectly refer to this as the antenna effect). According to the study conducted at MIT, which was interested more in the speculative conspiracy aspects of foil hats, amplification peaks at radiowaves of 1.6 and 2.6GHz (i.e. 1,600,000,000 Hz and 2,600,000,000 Hz). 1.6GHz is normally used by GPS and 2.6GHz will be used in the future by certain mobile phone operators for high bandwidth telephony and mobile internet (4G?). The background radiation from such sources is relatively low in any case, and unless one is standing in close proximity to a device or transmitter emitting such radiation or similar, then it is most likely not really an issue.


In this instance we are discussing mainly visible light and some UV radiation from domestic light sources, and not any conspiracy theories etc. It is known that Aluminium blocks UV radiation. So in this application, mainly focussed on blocking electric fields, then a 'tin foil hat' would presumably be safe and effective protection. It should be noted that low energy (energy saving) light bulbs and fluorescent lighting tubes, as well as emitting a multiple times higher electric field than the equivalent standard light bulb (using more power), emit an additional non-useful type of radiation (in addition to the visible light output) at a frequency of 10-20 kHz (i.e. 10,000 - 20,000 Hz). This frequency is in the range of radio waves (below microwaves). I cannot establish whether Aluminium magnifies 10-20kHz conclusively (based on the data above at present) and so cannot recommend such a hat for use under energy saving type light sources, to be on the safe side. However, one must consider the magnitude of the Electric field generated by such lights, and not blocking these for fear of minor fluctuations in radiowaves may not be a better option either.

Of course another way around this is to use other light sources in low ceiling areas, preferably non-electric. However, if this is not practical, then wearing an Aluminium Foil hat may be cost effective and an immediate solution to avoiding the adverse effects of electromagetic sensitivity. I would not recommend wearing purely a hat made out of Aluminium, with the foil in contact with the head. One might instead consider using a baseball cap or better still, a brimmed hat, and covering the outside of the hat with aluminium foil, with the help of some tape (taping over the border of the hat where it might touch the ears. Or one could place the foil on the inside of the cap or hat, and line it with some kitchen paper, held in place with tape if necessary. If one has the time and patience, one could line the inside of such a hat and glue on an inner lining of one's choice, so as to not look totally insane! I am suggesting specific applications for an Aluminium Foil Hat, namely sitting underneath high EM smog outputting lights.

A third example is the use of Aluminium inside some leather mobile phone or PDA cases. As stated above, whilst this may block the electric fields of such devices when on the person, he is uncertain as to whether they actually magnify or attenuate the microwave GSM radiation output of these devices. This would not be a concern with a pure PDA or a mobile phone in flight mode (i.e. with no GSM output).

If you are looking to purchase or even rent a new apartment, flat or house, be conscious of the ceiling height, and if in doubt, bring an EM meter with you (if you want to look insane! :-) For long term accommodation, one might even want to consider lining the ceiling with foil, under the wallpaper. Or going into the loft/attic and placing aluminium foil underneath any cabling. If one is concerned about EM radiation magnification (from outside signals) or reflection (from using a cell phone inside the house), one could measure this also (if you meter or equipment is able to pick up different radiation frequencies). Perhaps in the future, electric field insulation will come as standard in devices as well as cabling and homes, in the same way that society is now more conscious of ionising radiation exposure.

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Soft Iron

Whilst Aluminium is effective at blocking electric fields, Iron is useful to blocking magnetic fields, specifically soft iron, a readily magneisable material, by becoming magnetised itself to a much lower degree than what it is protecting. A greater thickness of soft iron is required to block out most magnetic fields in close proximity to objects that generate them, compared with the application of aluminium foil above.

The application is illustrated by watch manufacturers, who sometimes enclose the automatic movement with soft iron, to protect it from external (AC) magnetic fields and to prevent the movement from becoming magnetised. The downside to this is that the iron shield itself develops a slight static magnetic field, typically magnetic North (a positive magnetic field) - this is the opposite of what you would want on your wrist, as magnetic wrist bands usually have a negative pole/polarity facing the wrist, with the positive pole facing outwards away from the wrist.

Certain domestic white goods appliances will have built in magnetic shielding, i.e. iron sides or an iron door. They are identifiable by being able to hold (fridge) magnets on them. An example might be a refrigerator or a washing machine. A washing machine produces an enormous magnetic field when in operation and its shielding is generally not so effective because of the glass door at the front! However, if one is operating electrical devices that require some time to work, then one can place them behind or next to a fridge or washing machine etc. and if one is on the other side of it, then one will be shielded.

I have also found that certain types of baking tray are often more akin to iron than steel and may provide limited magnetic shielding, if placed in front of the device producing the magnetic field. Try and experiment yourself if magnetic fields are an issue for you.

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