Anthony Robbins' Unleash The Power Within (UPW) Seminar Review

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Should I attend the Anthony Robbins Seminar 'Unleash The Power Within (UPW)? I think so. Unleash The Power Within (aka UPW) is an excellent seminar with many useful tools. I have been a fan of Tony Robbins' books and audio programmes for many years. However, the UPW Seminar is far from perfect. Is it possible to give a perfect seminar covering both psychology and health issues? Is it indeed possible to create a perfect web site covering both areas?! With 6000-8000 people attending each seminar, I believe that people should take in some other views on the seminar and make up their own mind. I list the pros and cons below (based on 2002-2006 course content) based on his own values, beliefs, observations, knowledge and experiences. This is a general discourse raising some points that could perhaps improve the seminar and reduce its weak or questionnable areas.



'Living Health' - Health Mastery or Health Destruction?

The useful parts of the presentation are:

The erroneous or highly subjective parts of the presentation are:

The glaring omissions of the presentation are:

I have been reliably informed that Tony Robbins has decided to update the Living Health part of the seminar, which unofficially has been due to the increasing number of complaints about this section of the seminar. A revised Living Health seminar is scheduled for Q3 2006 onwards. The UPW seminar may not however be continuing for very much longer in any case. Catch the seminar whilst you can!

A Final Word on Anthony Robbins Europe:

The promotion and ticket sales company in Europe for Tony Robbins company seminars is Medwestern Lifestyle Events Ltd (formerly known as Tree Event Management Ltd (, based in Cyprus. This company is just like any other, it is selling you a product. There is nothing wrong with commerce and selling good products to people who want them. This is what drives the world's economy. Contrary to what their sales people tell you however, they are not there to be your friend and they don't love you, even if they say they are. They just want to sell you as many seminars as possible and maximise their profits. Indeed, some level of real friendship may develop or exist or coincide, but ultimately the core goal is to make moeny. If their sales people don't make enough money, they get fired, just like anywhere else. And when they make a sale, they get a commission. Unfortunately, any good sales organisation should be familiar with its own products and embody the values of it products. Whatever the brochure or catalogue says, they should honour. This is being professional.

This can't be said however about Medwestern Lifestyle Events Ltd in many cases. They do not share the values stated by Tony Robbins in his own seminars. They certainly are not aware of the sales techniques and 'genuine, sincere and caring salesmanship' espoused by Tony Robbins in his Power to Influence Seminar as a whole, although there are exceptions (sales people who are nice guys and give you good customer service, even if they don't quite practice what they are selling). As you can see in the influence section, which certain parts I can credit to Tony Robbins ideas in his now defunct Power To Influence (PTI) seminar, a good sales person builds rapport with his potential customers and embarks on a lifelong, sincere friendship. He is there to genuinely help the customers by fulfilling a genuine need with a good product or service, and meeting real needs in a caring and genuine manner.

A bad sales person is not sincere and allows the customer see through their words and feigned sincerity. He allows his greed for commission and desire to retain profits to be visible to the customer. He reveals that he is not really interested in helping you, but just making as many sales as possible and maximising profits, regardless of who you are and what you really want.

Medwestern Lifestyle Events have chosen their sales model, and instruct their sales staff on what deals and packages they should offer, and how the tickets can be sold. Buy one, get one 'free' is often their chosen style, but invariably leads to massive ebay sales at low prices which is unfair on the people who paid full price for their tickets (either buy one get one free price, or individual ticket prices).

Medwestern Lifestyle Events' sales team in many cases consists of below average sales staff who ride off the back of the enthusiasm of seminar attendees, make out they are fully acquainted with Tony Robbins' philosophy and teachings in their communications, and use every cheap trick in the book to sell you more seminars. Such poor sales technique and fixation with profits rather a genuine care for their customers is surely contradictory to Tony Robbins' own values? Surely Tony Robbins' seminars are 'solutions' rather than low denomination products similar to 'double glazing', and require a more intelligent solution selling approach? Perhaps they ought to attend one of their own seminars.

To be fair though, few sales people are really familiar with the products they sell. For example, when buying a new car at a dealership, when was the last time you spoke to a salesperson who really knew what they were talking about, without referring back to booklets and their computer? A knowledgeable salesperson is a rare commodity. Indeed, a good sales person whom you can be genuinely good friends with is also a rare commodity. Those salespeople who sell personal development products in general tend to be those who are loosely interested in that area, but usually not accomplished themselves. Those who are tend to run their own companies rather than work for an employer as they are so passionate about what they do. It is likely that many salespeople who sell personal development products were previously selling other consumer commodities, in retail, or telesales.

I doubt that Tony Robbins is particularly bothered by all this, as he nets an enormous income through regional sales from his affiliated sales organisations. Does he really care about you as he says he does in his seminars? Why does he repeat his seminar almost word for word each time, without improving or changing the content significantly? Why does he not address many of the areas discussed above on this page? These are not exactly secrets amongst seminar goers. Would he allow a rather incompetent 'Living Health' segment to be taught to seminar goers if he was really did? Is Tony Robbins perfect or a 'mere mortal' trying help people who is subject to moments of selfish behaviour, greed, narrow focus and making errors of judgement/incompetence just like the rest of us? Who is to say. You decide. I am not sure you can ever expect perfection from a psychology or health-related book, seminar or web site, but the spirit of continual improvement, honesty and willingness to listen should be there. In a sense it is irrelevant if we personally like everything about Tony Robbins, as we are only interested in his seminar and how we experience it, but I believe it is important to have a high level of respect and to trust the person giving the seminar to avoid cynicism and inhibitions creeping in and preventing you from getting the best of the experience (for your money). I encourage people to attend NLP and other good psychology seminars that they like the sound of (including perhaps UPW) and to learn and use what works best for them.

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