Sports and Fitness Products and Information

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Fitness Equipment & Products:

POWERbreathe is a simple type of lung training device.

Handgrippers are a supplier of forearm training devices including Powerballs and Gripmaster.

Powerballs are a manufacturer of gyroscopic power training balls for forearm and other muscle group development. Powerballs have retail outlets in many countries and can sell you a powerball directly from their web site. An alternative is to purchase a powerball from a web-based gadget seller such as Shop around for the best deal.

Gripmaster produce a line of forearm and finger training devices from light tension to heavy tension.

Lifeline are a US supplier of Kettlebell lifting equipment and other fitness products.

Intense Fitness is a UK supplier of Kettlebell lifting equipment and other fitness products.

Energizing Athletes is an independent reseller of LiveWave patches and other products like Velvet Antler. They provide international shipping (including the UK) and cost effective prices. is a large fitness info and store web site.

Dynaband is a brand of portable, stretchy band used for exercises and sports rehabilitation. It appears to be similar to theraband which is recommended by physiotherapists for sports injury rehab. are distributors of physiotheray supplies and exercise equipment, including a Swiss Ball. is a distributor of an adaptable, easy to adjust dumbell system for free weights work outs.

Gaiam are manufacturers of fitness equipment including exercise balls and the BalanceBall Chair. This is reputed to be very good for one's posture.

Fitness and Strength Training Information:

Pete Sisco's Precision Training web site and e-book is all about static contraction weight training for maximum results with minimum input, using a different approach to 8 reps/3 sets 3 times a week philosophy.

Crossfit is an all round weights and fitness web site.

Dragondoor is a US strength training web site with a focus on kettlebell lifting.

Rebounding is a form of exercise similar to trampolening rely on the g-force of deceleration between reps to generate resistance.

The Pilates Foundation is the main UK body for Pilates. Their web site contains plenty of information, including a class finder tool. is a large fitness info and store web site.

Muscle and Strength is a large fitness info site.

Figure Skating Jumps Explained - by myself, Patrik Askert, from 2007.

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