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AOR are suppliers of supplements including CDP Choline (branded as CDP Citicoline).

Physiotherm are a major European brand of cabin-style FIR Saunas, distributed in Europe, Australia and New Zealand by MagMed. Funnily enough, run in Europe by ex-backing singer of the 1980s teenybopper pop group Wham!

Wellmax Industrial Limited are the Chinese manufacturers of the Thermal 4 PH-2B (III) FIR blanket sauna bag.

FIR Saunas in their various forms can be found on ebay (affectionately known as 'egobay', 'ohboy', 'thiefbay' or 'lemonbay') if you do a worldwide search on 'FIR sauna' etc. Always compare specifications prior to purchase! And ensure you purchase a unit with the correct voltage for your country and from a reputable seller (check feedback and read description carefully etc.)

Young Living Europe are suppliers of quality EFA products.

Bioceuticals in Australia sell a Probiotic product called UltraBiotic 45. It contains 45 billion viable cells per capsule!

VSL#3 are suppliers of the VSL#3 probiotic supplement. There are regional web sites for regional distributors. Some are listed below.

Innerlight, Inc. are manufacturers of a variety of alkalising supplements, including a wholefood supplement, Supergreens.

Pulsor is a type of EMF protection technology. International distributors are available.

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Detoxification Products:

The Finchley Clinic is a former clinic run by owner and naturopath Mark G. Lester, and now focusses on product sales, retaining the same name. It offers a wide variety of products, including digestive aids and colon cleansing products such as Global Health Trax Oxygen Elements Max, OxyLift, Aerobic KO7, Aerobic Oxygen, Mag O7, Colosan, Oxy-Powder and more.

Herbs Hands Healing are a UK supplier of herbal formulae, tinctures, teas, oils etc. They have been trading for 30 years under master herbalist and horticulturalist Jill Davies, who also lectures on herbal medicine and natural healing. They also distribute certain Dr Richard Schulze products, e.g. Dr Schulze's SuperFood Plus.

Herbs of Grace are a UK supplier of herbs and tinctures, including Coriander leaf (cilantro) Tincture, and also Heavy Metal Purify capsules (containing Yellow Dock Root, Bugleweed, Red Clover, Blue Flag, Burdock Root, Irish Moss and Spirulina).

G Baldwin & Co. are suppliers of herbs and herbal products and have been trading since 1844.

The Organic Herb Trading Co. are a bulk UK supplier of dried organic herbs, which for example, can be used to make one's own tinctures, e.g. Coriander (leaf) and Milk Thistle (seed) at cheap prices. For fresh organic herbs (non-dried) you may wish to try your local (organic) farmer's market. Minimum spent is £50.

Phyto Products Limited are a bulk UK supplier of dried organic herbs. Minimum spent is £20, and orders less are subject to a surcharge.

Serenity Health & Wellbeing market detox foot patches (previously marketed under the Champneys brand).

BodyTox are a supplier of detox foot patches.

Detoku are a supplier of detox foot patches.

HealthyDirect are a supplier of various supplements including detox foot patches and high strength milk thistle tablets.

BioPure Europe, run by Self Help Enterprises in Forest Row, East Sussex, are distributors of products approved by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt. These are branded 'BioPure' and include Matrix Metals which seems to be a rebranded version of Metal Free or PCA-Rx.

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Nutritional & Health Supplement Manufacturers/Companies:

Nutri Ltd are the official importers for Nutri and Metagenics supplements such as Ultra Muscle-eze, Methyl Max, UltraMeal Whey, Eskimo 3 (well respected Omega3 supplement) etc. Customer service is excellent with fast delivery times.

Nutri-Link are the official UK distributors for E-Lyte/BodyBio products and Thorne Research products.

Natrol, a.k.a. CLF Distrubition Ltd, are manufacturers of a small cross section of nutritional supplements, including a high quality and extremely cost effective 20mg NADH supplement (Active B3). One can order direct from their web site, more cheaply than other resellers in the UK or otherwise.

primaFORCE are manufacturers of body building products, which include R-Lipoic Acid, L-Carnitine, 5-HTP, CLA and so on.

The Really Healthy Company are a UK-based supplier of Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense and other supplements. They are currently the cheapest UK supplier, although savings on bulk purchases may be obtained by ordering directly from the USA. See below in the USA section.

Manifest Health are a UK importer of high quality Utah (USA) bentonite clay, and supplier of other colonic products such as Cytoplan psyllium husks and Epsom Salts. (a.k.a.

Herbs of Grace are a UK supplier of herbs and tinctures, including coriander leaves (cilantro) tincture.

Herbs Hands Healing are a UK supplier of a variety of herbal and nutritional products. The are also resellers for Dr Schulze's SuperFood Plus.

Ascott are a farm supplies company, and sell freeze-dried Kefir powder sachets, for making your own live Kefir.

Nourish Kefir are suppliers of live kefir milk drinks.

Seeds of Health web site contains a list of UK sources of raw dairy products including milk and grass-fed meat sources. The web site also contains fermenting instructions for kefir.

Best Care Limited are suppliers of Himalayan Crystal Salt and other products.

Igennus are distributors of a DHA-free EPA product called VegEPA (which is NOT vegetarian and has nothing to do with vegetables despite the name!)

Asphalia are suppliers of herbal products, including Natural Protection (from harmful EMFs) and Natural Sleep. The ingredients on their web site seem to be out of date as both products contain Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea).

Kiki Health aka Kiki Limited are manufacturers and distributors of Nature's Biotics, a probiotics blend including SBOs.

Safe Remedies are the manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of health supplements, including the Prime Directive certified organic probiotic range (capsules and powder).

Androv Medical are suppliers of full spectrum light products, including both BC and ES fitting full spectrum (ionising) light bulbs. It appears that SES (smaller ES screw) fitting full spectrum light bulbs are not yet available.

R&D Laboratories Limited aka Mistral supply a number of different chemical products, including cost effective (bulk) food-grade glycerine (glycerol) for making herbal tinctures with.

Gaia Brands Ltd are manufacturers of Gaia's Organic (sencha) Kombucha.

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Wholesale Distributors & Resellers:

Revital are suppliers of a variety of health supplements. National Candida Society members can apply for a 20% discount card (25% on Bioharmony products). Application form available on the NCS web site (in members area). Exclusive UK distributors for certain brands, e.g. Researched Nutritionals.

Bio Organix Health are suppliers of various health supplements. National Candida Society members can apply for a 20% discount card (25% on Bioharmony products). Application form available on the NCS web site (in members area).

Bodykind are a supplier of a variety of supplements, including Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica.

Wholistic Research Company is a distributor of juicers, blenders, enema kits and sprouting products, including sprouting jars, and organic beans and seeds.

Nutrition Geeks are UK suppliers of EcoNugenics PectaSol products.

Vibrational Gaia Rising is a reseller for various products including Premier Research Labs' Max Stress B Nano-Plex.

Discount-Supplements are UK resellers of a variety of different supplements, including primaFORCE etc.

Integrative Health Solutions Limited (c/f Dr T Michael Culp) are UK distributors of French Stabilium 500 and also Securil (Propionibacteria) probiotics.

Flytes of Fancy are (one of many) UK suppliers of Bio Link's Diatom (Diatomaceous Earth).

Whirlpool & Bath Sensations are distributors of 5kg tins of Dead Sea Salts (Maris Sal)

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Tempur are manufacturers of posture adaptive mattresses and pillows.

Daniel are discount suppliers of Tempur beds and indeed other beds and furniture products.

Robinsons Foundry is a motorcycle accessories shop, that sells earplugs, including EAR Soft FX.

ProtecDirect is a health and safety equipment supplier that sells Howard Leight Laser Lite Ear Plugs.

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Argiletz are a supplier of French Argiletz clays, such as green clay and montmorillite clay - crushed or fine powdered.

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Original-Kombucha with Dr med. Sklenar's web site is listed below. They supply Kombucha tea and press extract. This is resold by Pronatura in the USA.

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Health-Solution are European distributors of BioAg's Fulvic and Humic Acid products, including WuJinSan Fulvic acid.

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Santi-Shop are a Luxemburg-based supplier of Argiletz Crushed Green Clay and other health products, with very competitive shipping rates, especially to the UK.

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Cyprus: is the web site of Dr George J Georgiou, of the Da Vinci Medical Centre in Cyprus. He offers a variety of products including a chelation product called HMD, which contains chlorella, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and Cilantro.

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Magnetico Sleep Pads are a manufacturer of magnetic sleep pads or 'sheets' that fit under your mattress in your bed, using a negative therapeutic magnetic field.

Herb Care is a Canadian distributor of high quality Pau D'Arco powder (i.e. Tabebuia Avellanedae/Impetiginosa, 100% inner bark/phloem, fine grind), Ojibway Tea herb powder (aka Essiac tea - after Rene Caisse who treated and cured cancer patients in the 1930s and 40s using it - containing Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm and Turkey/Indian Rhubarb), Stevia and other herbs and can ship worldwide at reasonable rates.

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Bioceuticals offer a number of different excellent health supplements. They manufacture/market UltraMuscleze, a Magnesium supplement with a variety of other critical minerals, metabolites and B-vitamins. This product is imported/marketed by Nutri in the UK. Bioceuticals also sell a Probiotic product called UltraBiotic 45. It contains 45 billion viable cells per capsule!

FermPlus (marked as Prime Directive in Europe) is a high quality probiotic powder supplement containing a variety of 'green superfoods'. It is actually manufactured in Australia.

AGM Grainfields is a range of probiotic products based on fermented cereal grasses.

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Chelation / Detoxification Products:

Maxam Labs produce a line in detoxification and health products, including PCA-Rx oral detoxification spray.

Waiora are the manufacturers of the detoxification product Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). A better price can be obtained by joining up as a preferred member or a distributor (but only within countries in North America and Asia Pacific). Waiora also offer other detoxification and health products. For those who live outside of these areas, you may choose to order from an official US supplier or through a local unfranchised distributor. Try ebay or see the Wholesale Distributors list below.

E-Lyte/Detoxx/BodyBio Nutrient Centre is a supplier of E-Lyte detoxification products, such as BodyBio PC (Phosphatidyl Choline), Butyrate and the E-Lyte Detoxx book outlining the 'Detoxx' dietary regime. The Patient Detoxx book mainly comprises of dietary recommendations and recipes, but does contain a couple of pages on how to perform the Detoxx Liver Flush and recommended and optional supplements. The patient book is a little thin when it comes to supplementation and detox protocol, and it may be more worthwhile to buy the Practitioner Detoxx Book instead as the patient should understand why he is doing what he is doing.

Dr Edward F. Group has written a number of books on health including Health Begins in the Colon, as well as running his own supplement company Global Health Center (GHC), which sells detoxification and cleaning kits. GHC offers a zeolite based chelation forumula called Zeotrex.

Science Formulas are manufacturer's of Chelorex, a chelation product containing Cilantro and Chlorella, amongst other factors.

BioRay are manufacturers of NDF (Nano-Colloidal Detox Factors) - an MIER chelation product which also uses Cilantro and Chlorella.

Mountain Rose Herbs are bulk suppliers of dried organic herbs. They supply a huge variety of herbs at cheap prices (for US customers and for export), including Cilantro (Coriander leaf) and also Milk Thistle seed - useful for making one's own detoxification and chelation tinctures.

Supreme Fulvic are suppliers of (very cheap) bulk Fulvic Acid solution. They also sell a Fulvic & Humic Mineral Complex (i.e. a mixture of fulvic and humic acid) solution. Both products are available in 32 Fl. Oz. (1L) or 1 US Gallon (4.5L) bottle sizes. They also ship internationally (no C&P for international orders of 2 gallons or more). They also sell Zeolite solution bottles (not NCD).

Nano Health Solutions are suppliers of bulk near 100% (claimed) Fulvic Acid and also Humic Acid, in 32 Fl. OZ (1L) or 1 US Gallon (4.5L) bottle sizes. Shipping is only available within the US.

World Health Mall are suppliers of bulk near 100% (claimed) Fulvic Acid and also Humic Acid, in a 32 Fl. OZ (1L) bottle size. 1 US Gallon sizes are available but are not advertised on the site at time of writing. It is reputedly exactly the same product (at the same price) as Nano Health Solutions. International shipping is available.

BioAg Humic & Fulvic Solutions are suppliers of bulk quantities of WuJinSan Pure Fulvic Acid (made using 'the complex traditional way, developed in China 500 years ago'). BioAg also sells a product called Fauna Mana, a powder which contains fulvic and humic acids, as well as green tea, ashwagandha and 8 certified medicinal US-grown mushrooms (Maitake, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail, King Trumpet, Brown Beech, Himematsutake and Shiitake). International shipping is available, but only with UPS for the Fulvic Acid liquid.

Morningstar Minerals are suppliers of bulk Fulvic Acid (Energy Boost 70) and Humic Acid (various) products. are suppliers of Kenrico Detox Pads (foot patches).

Perma-Guard are suppliers of two different Diatomaceous Earth products.

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Nutritional Products:

Jarrow Formulas are a high quality supplier of various health supplements including Taurine, CDP Coline, Chlorella Vulgaris etc.

Pure Encapsulations are a high quality supplier of various health supplements.

Metagenics are a supplier of quality supplements, including Ultra Meal Whey, which can be bought in the UK from Nutricentre or Nutri (see above). It is branded as Nutri and not Metagenics in the UK only.

Thorne Research are high quality suppliers of a variety of nutritional and biochemical supplements, including P5P, 5MTHF and many others.

Xymogen are high quality suppliers of a variety of patented nutritional and mitochondrial supplements, including ALAmax CR (Controlled Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid) and CoQmax CF. Available only from practitioners rather than wholesalers like other supplements.

Premier Research Labs are manufacturers of high quality nutritional and herbal supplements, including Max Stress B Nano-Plex, a B-vitamin complex product made from plant source extracts of B-vitamins rather than synthetically manufactured B-vitamins.

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. are manufacturers of a variety of nutritional and medicinal supplements, including Tyler Recancostat 100 (100mg, also available in 400mg form and powder form), a stabilised reduced Glutathione supplement that also contains L-Cysteine and herbal extracts.

Nutri-West are a supplier of various supplements including Core Level Adrenal.

Klaire Labs are manufacturers of a variety of probiotic supplements and other products, including Ther-Biotic.

SCD are manufacturers of Efficient Microorganisms (EM) probiotic products.

EM Earth are manufacturers of Efficient Microorganisms (EM) probiotic products.

VSL#3 is a brand of Probiotic containing 450 billion viable cells per capsule!

Dr Mercola has a number of articles on his web site about health and diet. He also has a book 'Total Health Program' available as a paperback (2003) from Amazon (cheaper) or an e-book from his site (more expensive). He is also selling a variety of health products on his web site, including Whey Healthier, Full Spectrum Light Bulbs and Kefir Starter Pack (freeze dried kefir granules). Delivery times may vary. Dr Mercola is also a health consultant.

Happy Herbalist are resellers of a variety of products, but they also make their own Kombucha 35% Concentrate.

Kombucha 2000, founded in 1995, as manufacturers of Kombucha tea and concentrate/extract products.

Anhata Balance are manufacturers of Kombucha Mushroom Extract as well as a variety of other herbs, teas and health supplements.

Dr David Gersten's web site Amino Acid Power contains a variety of research and general articles on CFS. He also supplies a custom amino acid blend, based presumably on Montiff amino acid powders, tailored to each patient's blood amino acid test results and exact requirements. He also recommends Metagenics supplements which he sells.

RenewLife are a supplier of digestive health products including probiotics, enzyme and detoxification, e.g. FloraMORE.

Garden of Life are a supplier or quality probiotic and other health products, e.g. Primal Defense, Perfect Meal whey product etc.

Mt Capra are a supplier of quality, grass-fed, organic goat products, such as Goatein protein powder and CapraColostrum.

RubyReds by New Vitality is a red fruit antioxidant formula. New Vitality also offer a range of other nutritional supplements.

Dr Ben Kim's web site is shown below with a number of articles on healthy living and body cleaning. He also has his own range of wholefood supplements including Dr Ben Kim's Greens (a soil-based organism probiotic) and Comprehensive Vitamin & Mineral Formula (wholefood based).

Dr Ohhira's Probiotics 12 Plus by Essential Formulas is reputed to be 'the world's most popular probiotic and is recommended/sold by Dr Ben Kim.

Green Pasture sell a variety of oil products, including Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a more nutritious form of Chlorella than Chlorella Vulgaris. Whether Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is actually better than Spirulina Platensis is a matter of debate. It is probably best to try smaller quantities of various brands from local suppliers and to see which one agrees with you best, then bulk buy your favourite. It is recommended to stick with a high quality brand, as low quality brands can often contain high levels of heavy metals. Please note that Cyanotech in Hawaii are the only company to actually grow Spirulina Pacifica (which is a sub-strain of Platensis), which is grown only in Hawaii. Various brands resell this Spirulina Pacifica, including Nutrex, Now and MicroOrganics in the UK. Earthrise is a well respected supplier of Spirulina Platensis. Earthrise Chlorella is Chlorella Vulgaris, as are brands such as Jarrow's Japanese Yaeyama Chlorella. Nature's Balance Chlorella is Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, as is the UK brand Optimum Source. Suppliers of Chlorella and Spirulina are listed below. (formerly

TumorX are manufacturers of a variety of different supplements, aimed at treating various forms of cancer, as well as adrenal fatigue, and as such are applicable to a variety of other environmental illnesses also.

Dr Natura are suppliers of various wholefood supplements and bowel cleansing products, including DetoxiGreen.
IVL Products offer a range of wholefood products, including All Day Energy Greens.

Natural Health Network's All Natural PhytoGlow is a wholefood green superfood supplement. are suppliers of a variety of nutritional products including the rice bran and germ based supplement RiSoTriene.

Swanson Vitamins are a manufacturer of herb and vitamin products, and have an on-line store. They sell a variety of herbs including Olive Leaf Extract etc. are suppliers of a variety of herbal cleaning and anti-dysbiosis products.

See Udo Erasmus' web site below for more detailed information on the Udo's Choice Oil Blend.

Prince Tea is a distributor of high quality Pau D'Arco powder (i.e. Tabebuia Avellanedae/Impetiginosa, 100% inner bark/phloem, fine grind).

Amazon Thunder Acai Berry, Inc. are manufacturers of various Acai and Camu Camu products.

Dr Richard Schultze's web site is shown below. He provides a range of 'out of the box' solution products containing high quality herbs. They include formulas for liver, kidney and bowel cleansing as well as superfood mixtures and herbal teas.
Please see the Other Detoxification Methods of the Detoxification page for more information on Schulze's programs and ideas.

Dr Clark Research Association's web site is shown below. This provides a range of 'out of the box' solution products.

Dr Ron's web site is shown below. This provides a range of supplements and herbal products.

Designs For Health are the manufacturers of Whey Cool (as described above).

Readisorb have a range of 3 'readily absorbable' products in spray form including Liposomal Glutathione, Melatonin Spray and Methyl B12 Spray.

Enzymedica are manufacturers of a variety of enzyme and herbal based products, from digestive enzymes to anti-inflammatory enzymes.
Enzymedica On Line Catalogue

The Nikken Whole Foods Revolution web site contains information on Nikken health products such as Lactoferrin, Jade GreenZymes, etc.

Designs for Health are suppliers of nutritional supplements, including Whey Cool (a pure whey powder using the same source of whey as Paleomeal and Whey Healthier).

Hepapro are suppliers of pre-packaged Chinese herbal health products, including Dr Qingcai Zhang's lyme disease range.

Pure-XP GliSODin is a brand of vegetarian SOD, a powerful probably the most powerful) anti-oxidant.

LifeOne is a herbal immune boosting and anti-cancer and HIV formula.

Sun Warrior Protein is a protein drink mixture made from Whole Brown Rice Protein (bio-fermented and sprouted).

Bio-K+ or BioKPlus are manufacturers of the Bio-K+ CL1285 probiotic supplement.

Protocel is a powerful antioxidant product sometimes used as part of cancer treatment, marketed by It is a patented, proprietary blend (marketed as Cantron and Protocel) including Tetrahydroxyquinone is used to treat cancer, a variety of viral infections including AIDS, as well as CFS. It's ingredients are tetrahydroxyquinone, rhodizonic acid, sodium, potassium, croconic acid, catechol (or pyrocatechol), triquinoyl, leuconic acid, inositol, and copper. It is claimed to be one of the most potent antioxidant formulas.

Ariona (ariona melanocarpa) is a small, bitter, violet-blackberry native to North America. It is very high in phytonutrients and antioxidants, in particular anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. Oki is a juice blend containing Aronia but also organic aloe vera, black currant, aa’, pomegranate, goji, noni, mangosteen, guava, apple, blueberry, pear, mango, and concord grape.

Nature's Plus are manufacturer's of a variety of quality nutritional supplements including Blue Lightning, an organic powder form of a variety of blue fruits, extremely high in antioxidants.

Flavay is an antioxidant formula, 'a highly specialized, nutritional complex of pairs and triples of a specific molecule called "flavan-3-ol," isolated from natural extracts.' It is manufactured by Healthy Alternatives.

Body Ecology is the web site of Donna Gates' Body Ecology Diet. Body Ecology are suppliers of a variety of products, including Probiotic Starter Culture Packets, including Kefir etc. and other culture products.

Organic Pastures is an organic raw dairy, farm and creamery. They supply raw milk and colostrum as well as fermented products such as kombucha.
A blog detailing some recent lawsuits against Organic Pastures as a result of E.coli poisoning can be viewed by clicking here. Some argue that this is unsubstantiated and others that those with dybiosis and little probiotic bacteria in their GI tract should go on a course of probiotics before consuming raw milk to ensure they have adequate natural defences.

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(Wholesale) Distributors & Resellers:

Lucky Vitamin are a cost effective wholesale supplier of health supplements, including Metagenics products such as UltraMeal Whey. Overseas shipping is provided.

Ecology Health Center or Crohn's.Net is a supplier of probiotic and intestinal health products, and their web site contains some useful information about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease. It is a commercial web site and is selling supplements as well as offering information.

ProHealth Solutions are a US-based health supplement distributor and on-line store, and provide international shipping all over the world. Products include BioPro (including the BioLife pendant) products, Garden of Life (discounted), Mt Capra, Vitalzym, Paleomeal (c/f Whey Healthier), Designs for Health Whey Cool (pure whey powder, uses same source of whey as Paleomeal/Whey Healthier) and many more. Very helpful customer service and fast delivery times.

Live Super Foods are a US-based distributor of health supplements, including EM Food Grade Concentrate liquid.

Pronatura, Inc. are resellers of Original Kombucha with Dr med. Sklenar Kombucha products, including Press Extract, Capsules and Original Tea.

RadiantLife are a distributor of health supplements and water filtration products.

Energizing Athletes is an independent reseller of LiveWave patches and other products like Velvet Antler. They provide international shipping (including the UK) and cost effective prices.

Golden Illumination Products are suppliers of health supplements, e.g. Vitalzym, and water filtration (kitchen/bathroom) products.

HealthXP supply the Thermal 4 PH-2B (III) FIR blanket sauna bag.

Vitality Shoppe offer a variety of different FIR sauna products, including the Thermal 4 PH-2B (III) FIR blanket sauna bag.

I-Herb are a discount supplement supplier, and sell a huge variety of different products, including Jarrow's Toxguard Heavy Metal Detox capsules and Thorne Research products. UK customers can buy from I-Herb (or another discount supplier) in bulk for large savings, for example. Prices are shipping costs are highly competitive, with good customer service. Prices are much cheaper than UK prices for the same products.

Total Health Vitamins are a discount supplement supplier and sell a variety of brand products, including Thorne Research products.

Chinese Herbs Direct is a wholesale supplier of various brands of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs. Although it is marketed by brand and product, and also according to ailment, it is probably not wise to purchase it in the latter manner, but on instruction from an experienced TCM practitioner.

Dorchelle's Whole Health are resellers of Native Remedies supplements.

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